12-10-2018 Cold Season: Atari Warriors Live (Synthwave/Retrowave)

DJ Green Regime (EE)
Atari Warriors
DJ Day-D
Tšaika Baar, Tallinn
Atari Warriors is the new project by Radmil Safin, a veteran of Estonian heavy electronic music, producer and DJ. Atari Warriors started at the end of 2017. Daria Kurganova, who was at the time Radmil's coworker, joined the project in spring 2018. Long before that, Radmil and Diana used to discuss the possibilities of creating together, so now they are more than happy to present you the fruits of their collaboration.
It's a bit complicated to coin a style in which Atari Warriors create. It is not purely the kind of retro-electronic music that has been in the limelight recently. Radmil calls it club synthwave that embraces nostalgic moods from the 80s, hard dance rhythms of our century, beautiful, memorable synthetic melodies and charming female vocals. Atari Warriors have instrumental compositions as well as songs in their catalog. A special surprise for listeners: the duo will perform unexpected cover versions of famous hits - from pop and rock classics to punk and even metal.

Atari Warriors online:www.facebook.com/atariwarriors.musicwww.soundcloud.com/atari_warriors

DJ and music producer Green Regime is also known as a radio presenter, running his weekly music show "Kashmir" on Estonian radio since 2015.
Actively DJ-ing since 2009, Green Regime offers a vast variety of funky tunes, obscure oldies, timeless classics and modern hidden gems. From Italo disco to electropop and beyond!
As a music producer and songwriter, Green Regime has released a solo album and an EP and album with Neon Noir, Estonian New Wave act. He is currently working on three full-length albums under different monikers and in different genres.
For this event Green Regime will select lesser known tracks from both last and this century that definitely inspired synthwave and retrowave. So it's kinda "back to the roots" set. Might not be punchy and dancy, but surely interesting.

Enjoy driving at night? Check out this mixtape by DJ Green Regime: https://www.mixcloud.com/GreenRegime/the-green-regime-radio-night-drive-edition-part-1/

Day-D is a DJ and promoter, founder of Syn(th)drom - a record label dedicated to post-industrial music. Day-D works in genres such as Outrun, EBM, TBM, Futurepop and Rythm'n'Noise. Cold Season visitors will hear him spinning powerful evergreen 80s' New Wave tunes, EBM and Synth-Pop classics, blended with best tracks of modern Retro Electro acts.

22:00 Day-D
23:00 Atari Warriors
00:00 DJ-sets from Green Regime, Day-D and Atari Warriors
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