13-10-2018 Dark Helsinki esitleb: SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS (GER)

Solitary Experiments (GER)
Ten After Dawn (FI)
On The Rocks, Helsingi
15.50€ eelmüügist / 17€ ukselt
(EN) Solitary Experiments for the first time in Finland in 2018! One of the best known melodic electro acts of the dark scene will arrive to Helsinki on October 13th, 2018 to play their first ever Finnish club show at On the Rocks Club! The band based in Frankfurt already in 1994 has released numerous LP records, EPs, remix-compilation albums and of course has been involved in various compilation CD’s as well. The band’s last LP release named “Phenomena” was released in 2015 and the same year the live CD “In Motion – Live in Berlin” along with “Heavenly Symphony” containing symphonic versions of the band’s previous material had seen the light of day. Solitary Experiments has toured as a headliner with their own shows as well as on large festivals all over the Europe and the USA. They, moreover, have toured with such bands as Icon of Coil, [:SITD:], Neuroticfish, Funker Vogt and Blutengel. With such great dancefloor hits as “Rise and Fall”, “Delight”, “Immortal”, “Epiphany” etc. the Solitary Experiments’ strong material speaks for itself and no doubt doesn’t need any further convictions!

The Finnish dark electro pop act, Ten After Dawn, released their debut “Best of Both Words” EP in Spring 2017, will appear as a special guest on the Solitary Experiments’ show at On the Rocks. Ten After Dawn, having gained positive reviews and attracted strong interest in Europe, is now preparing their first LP release.

Theme related after party till 04:00!

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