22-09-2018 Big apple pie party at Tsaika

Big "apple pie" band
Tsaika baar, Tallinn
22th of September, 22°C on the sun, 22:00 Tsaika Baar, outside is Indian summer, inside is celebration of fruit harvest with freshly made APPLE pies & everybody are WELCOME! Musicians are playing, the house is dancing, this is the tradition we keep, this is the culture we grow, that's the moment we LIVE! This time the party is BIG, space enough for everyone, so, please, come to share the moment with us and "share" it all around real and cyber world, if you can. 5EUR in CA$H is the contributions for live concert and real "handmade" APPLE PIES!

On the stage:
Екатерина Река - vox
Mad Moi Zela Ira - vox
Kino Toshiki - trumpet
Misha Morales Aku - drums
Sashko Petroff - tenor sax + dj
Luiz Black Luiz Black - congos
Igor Valentinovich - percussion
Maali N. Kukk - keys
Aleksandr Dernov - guitar
Serx Feik - bass

FUNK, REGGAE, SOUL, JAZZ and ROCK'n'ROLL!.. and after all JAM is included.

If you feel like being volunteer, like to cook pie for example, post your wishes to "discussions" then we contact you.
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