What’s in your head, Mnemic-boy?

Kirjutas fjodor

Kui Ivo palus mul kellegagi Mnemicust intervjuud teha, soovitas ta mulle Mirceat. Ta kuulnud kusagilt, et hästi erudeeritud ja tore tüüp olevat ning alati aldis küsimustele vastama. Päris pikad õhtud kuulasin Mechanical Spin Phenomenat ja mõtlesin, mida küsida ja kuidas küsida … nii et oleks ka huvitav lugeda ja saaks rohkemgi teada peale selle, kuidas täpselt see Audio Injected Souli 3D saundi efekt loodi või et kuidas tuur koos Fear Factoryga sujus.

Suhtumine pornograafiasse, alkoholi, poliitikasse võimillesseiganes huvitas mind siiski rohkem. Seega mõtlesin spontaanselt, tähestikulises järjekorras, välja 26 sõna, mis oleksid piisavalt intrigeerivad ja huvitavad, et ka inimesest midagi sügavamalt teada saada … ja Mircea vastas … isegi nii hästi ja kirjanduslikult ilusalt, et patt oleks neid lausepärleid eesti keelde tõlkima hakata. Nautige siis enne laupäevast kontserti Mircea Gabriel Eftemie mõtteid, konstruktiivset kriitikat ja lihtsalt lahedat ja vabameelset suhtumist …

Drugs are no good, unless you are bored, heartbroken or just stupid.

Bukowski, Charles?
I don’t know him but I intend to find out in a minute, cause it’s a pain when you are ignorant fool.

Without chaos there’s no order. Life is duality, sometimes it is very unfortunate that every element needs to be connected to its opposite and vice versa. Chaos rules my life, and there is nothing but chaos inside my head and every day I wake up, I hope for some order, but chaos takes over and makes my mind a very and very unfortunately, a troubled mind.

Drinking can be good to a certain extend. Its been a problem of mine for a while, I am trying to cut down on it at the moment. It is not that I have an abuse-full amount of it, its more the things it makes me do. Sometimes its not funny, sometimes it is hilarious.

Egoism in music industry?
Oh, there is definitely loads of that in the music industry. I don’t want to point any fingers, but for instance its been a big problem in the Danish metal scene. When bands got successful back in the days, in Denmark, it was no good, due to that they weren’t entitled to their success according to some people. Egoism is an ugly thing, and it came to me through some other people, I have gone through it and seen other people and learned a lot from it.

I like my chicks to be wearing leather and denim, I love rocker chicks – unfortunately there are not many of them.

I believe in God, and I believe that he might have left me.

I am a huge fan of Rob Halford, and when I say that I mean the music, not a fan of his sexuality. It’s totally up to the individual. I prefer women though.

Internet piracy?
I love it, I do it every day. I am a geek, and without piracy Microsoft would be bigger. Fact is that Microsoft sucks, due to all the promises that have never been made. On mp3 file sharing, I love it, I do it my self everyday. It’s a good promotional tool, and I don’t see it as stealing from artists. The music industry has to wake up and take a good look around them, cause this is the new world, it’s the digital era and it is evolving day by day.

James Bond?
I like old James Bond – other than that, I am no fan. Octo-pussy??

Killing for beliefs?
Religious people know that the only one who is entitled to be taking lives is their own God. I don’t understand why they break his laws and still continue to bring death upon the world. It is sad and it is a shame, that mankind isn’t able to help each other, especially when we all live, more or less, under the same roof.

Losing virginity?
I think I was 12. Pretty young huh? It’s true. I just squeezed the little pecker inside and hoped for magic and fireworks.

I skipped my Biochemistry studies to be in this great band – it’s a great band but sometimes a very big pain in the ass. It’s really not that glamorous, I mean it varies its all about ups and downs. When I am out on the road, I feel alive, when we are out playing music, I feel alive, when I am home, back to reality I feel pretty much dead.

I love it, and do it everyday, and don’t intend to stop.

Oral sex?
Getting head is always good, especially from the woman you love. Fortunately I only get it out on the road.

Don’t know one thing about them, and I don’t want to know. My life has more problems than there is to be found in politics.

Quentin Tarantino?
Love all of his movies. The environments and atmosphere’s he creates are something very special. I am not a fan though.

I experience it everyday, and its sad. That’s why I hate living in Denmark – people are too narrow-minded, and unfortunately racism is a big issue here where we live.

Sexual abuse?
That, I have to try – haven’t done it yet.

None. I love tattoos on a women, as long as they don’t take over the whole body. Hope fully I will get some my self, all though I am still battling with ideas.

United States of America, The?
The no.1 country I would love to live in. I love USA. I haven’t been all over, only to California, and what can I say? The people, the food, the environment is something really special and it really suits me. One thing that I really hate is all of the fake people you get in Hollywood. Especially the groupies, there’s nothing worse then people that want you for your fame – a bunch of fucking freeloaders – and they can all stay away from me. I’ve seen way too many of you.

Video games?
I haven’t played any videogames since Counter Strike back in the days. That was fun stuff to do, where you didn’t have any responsibilities or anything. Otherwise there was this game which I never got to play, which I installed on my laptop and made it crash..

World War III?
2004 was a good and a very bad year. I mean there has been so much shit, even in my personal life, so many things that got turned up side down that I wouldn’t be surprised if World War 3 was heading our way. The world is a fucked up place these days, and we have to be careful.

XXX movies?
I LOVE XXX movies. Who doesn’t!? I jerk off every day!!

Your 3 virtues and vices?
I don’t have any virtues and patience is definitely not one of them. I might say that staying strong in everything that I do and I am confronted with is one of my virtues.
Vices? There are too many to mention.


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