X: Nailboard Records`i kataloog

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Seoses sellega et Nailboard Records`i kodulehel on hakanud kataloog vaikselt paisuma, teen ma siia eraldi teema. See tähendab nüüd seda, et "bändid ja reliisid" alla enam kataloogi uudiseid ei tule. Seal hakkavad olema ainult otseselt Nailboard Records`iga seonduvad uudised.

Meie kataloogi leiate siit:

Nailboard Records`i kataloog

kell 17:54

Aggressor "Procreate The Petrifactions" self-released CDR 85.-
Dawn Of Gehenna "The Night Dog Sessions" self-released CDR 85.-

kell 02:31

Nailboard Records`i kataloog on kõvasti täiendust saanud.

Uued plaadid 04.08.2005

Andras "...Of Old Wisdom" (Perverted Taste, 2005) CD
13 songs of fast Pagan Black Metal with black and clear male vocals and with synths on the background... for fans of Borknagar, Vintersorg... feat. Moonblood member

Bergthron "Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder" (Perverted Taste, 1997) CD
Melodic, memorable, & repetitive keyboard-leads dueling with racing guitar grind & trollish grim vokills for a dynamic & evocative 35-minute concierto (indexed as 1 track) complete with stormy weather sounds, howling winds, & ambient interludes.

"Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder 1"
"Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder 2"

Bergthron "Jagdheim" (Perverted Taste, 2000) CD
Excellent new release reminding one of slower HIMINBJORG- Where Raven's Fly. Old blood runs through this release.

"Aus edlem Blut"

Bergthron "Faust für Faust" (Perverted Taste, 2004) DigiCD
Fourth album from the German Black Metal/Pagan band in a limited black digipak.

"Faust für Faust"
"Reigen der Waldjungfrauen"

Bestia "Hallutsinatsioon" (Perverted Taste, 2005) CD
Pagan Metal with Estonian lyrics.

"Viirastus tõusvas tules"

Deceased "Return to the Evil Side" (Cursed Productions, 2004) CD
Zombified US Death Metal digs its way up from the grave!
Cursed Productions proudly presents Deceased's infamous debut demo, 1986's The Evil Side of Religion, in all its raw glory!
Plus a full-length previously unreleased live show from 1989 on the same CD!
Alive, dead, or undead, you must... Return to the Evil Side!
The ultimate in cult blasphemy!

Goddess Of Desire "Conquerors Divine" (Perverted Taste, 2002) CD

"Conquerors Divine"

Menhir "Die ewigen Steine" (Perverted Taste, 1996) CD
The Paganlord's early CD re-issued via Falk!! An entire album of death threats against the infamous Dr. Ewigen Steine!

"Warriors Of The North"

Menhir "Buchonia" (Perverted Taste, 1997) MCD
This is impressive, the second release of four timeless folk conceptions. Packaged in excellent romantic design with splendid photography, this will leave you in the Germanic past, possibly era 1400.


Menhir "Thuringia (Perverted Taste, 1999) CD
second album... melodic original Thuringian Pagan Metal with Celtic influences

"Schwertes Bruder"

Resurrected "Butchered In Excrement" (Perverted Taste, 2001) CD

"Dripping with blood"

Resurrected "Blood Spilled" (Perverted Taste, 2003) CD

"Prepare for the siege"

Shining "The Darkroom Sessions" (Perverted Taste, 2004) CD
Almost one hour of re-recorded rare songs... great fast Black Metal with middletempo passages

Varathron "Genesis of Apocryphal Desire" (Cursed Productions, 2004) CD
The Black Metal masters' legendary Procreation of the Unaltered Evil and Genesis of Apocryphal Desire demos finally released on CD, with 3 previously unreleased tracks!

"Genesis of Apocryphal Desire"
"The Mystic Papyrus"

kell 12:09

Lisandus ajakiri Pläkk #5, 2005. Hind: 40 EEK

kell 02:15

esimene asi mis mulle silma hakkas kui lehe avasin oli suur kõvastunud peenis, mis värk on?

kell 09:15

esimene asi mis mulle silma hakkas kui lehe avasin oli suur kõvastunud peenis, mis värk on?
tükike SS ajaloost? n

kell 17:28

Nailboard Records`il on au olla siinseks Merciless Records`i levitajaks. Hetkel on saadaval järgmised plaadid:

DESASTER "A Touch Of Medieval Darkness" CD
(Germany) The already legendary debut album with 10 hymns of unpurest black art, re-release with new design. Taste the sweet wine of destruction. http://www.total-desaster.de

EVOCATION "Evocation" Digipack
(Sweden) Brutal old school Swedish Death Metal in the fine tradition of Nihilist, old Dismember, etc.
Feat. Cemetary, Lake of Tears, Sundown, Stoneflow, Rajoitus members

SCEPTER "Fucking Metal Motherfuckers"
(U.S.A.) Scepter has once again triumphed with another Metal masterpiece! Heavy, crunching, dirty, sick fucking Metal. Another onslaught of pure metallic slaughter from the Chicago warlords. Classic songs and great heavy production make this release a must-have for all those possessed by pure fucking Metal. Chicago Metal rules!

SCEPTER "I´m Going To Hell"
(U.S.A.) Are you going to hell? Well, if you weren´t already, SCEPTER´s gonna seal your fate when they blast you with their latest salvo of unrelenting firepower. I´M GOING TO HELL features ten songs of pure fucking metal!

MORTEM "Decomposed By Possession" CD
(Peru) Nine tracks of pure Death Metal. Evil, brutal and in the true Metal tradition. Refreshing music with that great ancient feeling. Third album of MORTEM...

CIANIDE "Divide And Conquer" CD
(U.S.A.) Chicago´s cult Death Metal legends with their fourth album with their heaviest and most brutal work.
Kuula: "Divide and Conquer"

BURIED GOD "Dark Revelation" CD
(Germany) Thrash Metal from below! The return of the thrashing madness! Stunning debut from this German thrash machine! "Dark Revelation" will show you the dark sinister face of traditional Thrash Metal! Note: This is not an attempt to cash in on any retro-trends! Just pure fucking HELL, made by maniacs for maniacs!

DELIRIUM TREMENS "Thrashing Warthogs" CD
(Germany) German metal machine has now joined the ranks. The band's debut is called "Thrashing Warthogs" and includes nine tracks of destructive Thrash Metal (call it old school if you want) with a bit of Death Metal and chaos thrown into the mix. Sex, Violence and Alkohol with Rock´n´Roll.
Incl. a thrashy cover version of Guns'n'Roses "Paradise City"... http://www.delirium-tremens.de
Kuula: "Worship Satan"
"Twisted Mind"
"Army Of Death"
"Rot In Hell"
"Seed Of Violence"
"Fuck Posers"

Lähemat infot bandide kohta leiate Merciless Records`i kodulehelt!

kell 15:05


SHELTON SAN " EP." (SekSound, 2005) Ltd 300# Digipak 143.-

kell 15:05


Surrogoat "Landscapes of Condolence" (self-released, 2004) CD 125.-

Siit ka väike üleskutse kõikidele Eesti hevibandidele. Kui tahate oma sitast lahti saada, siis on teil hea võimalus oma kraami Nailboard Records`i kataloogi kaudu müüa. ;)

kell 00:38

Täiendus: Surrogoat Landscapes of Condolence (self-released, 2004) CD 125.- Siit ka väike üleskutse kõikidele Eesti hevibandidele. Kui tahate oma sitast lahti saada, siis on teil hea võimalus oma kraami Nailboard Records`i kataloogi kaudu müüa. ;)

kas seda peaks tõlgendama kui et eelpoolmainitud eesti pändid ei ole mitte hea kraami müüki pand? n

kell 10:31

kas seda peaks tõlgendama kui et eelpoolmainitud eesti pändid ei ole mitte hea kraami müüki pand?

Tõlgendage kuidas tahate! Siiani on ainult üks ansambel pakkumise vastu huvi tundnud. See räägib üsna palju enda eest...

kell 15:49

Nailboard Records`i kataloogis jälle uus täiendus:

Forgotten Sunrise "Newer(k)now" CDR-S 118.-

See riliis on üsna läbi müüdud juba, seega kiirustage!!!!

kell 15:58

ja see on hea.

kell 13:25

Nailboard Records`i kataloog täiendatud Displeased Records`i staffiga. Kui leiate et siit nimekirjast on puudu mõni plaat, mis on Displeased Records`i all ilmunud ja te sooviksite seda osta, siis võtke meiega ühendust aadressil ahto@nailboard.org. Nimelt hakkab meil selle plaadifirma vahel kaup kindlalt veel liikuma. Tegelikult kehtib see jutt ka kõigi eelnevate ja järgnevate nimekirjade ja plaadifirmade kohta, mille me siia postitame.

Arcana "Le serpent rouge"
This 6th full length album is Arcana as you have never heard them before. With melodies from the orient, feelings
of the hot arabic landscape and beautiful sounds of instruments like the Duduk and the Hammered Dulcimer, Arcana has on this release moved abit further from the original sound that we have heard through out the years. Along with the fabulous art of Agnieszka Szuba, this album is a release you can't miss.
Seductive flame

Borknagar "Borknagar" CD 175.-
Re-release with improved and extra artwork
Svartskogs gilde

Carcass tribute "Requiems of revulsion" CD 175.-
Tribute to the grind masters

Cianide "Hell's rebirth" CD 175.-
Veteran Chicago Death Doom Legends. Pure old school US death metal

Deeds of Flesh "Trading pieces" CD 175.-
Brutal death, remixed and remastered. Debut full length album, originally released in 1996 Now remastered with upgraded artwork.

Deeds of Flesh "Inbreeding the anthropophagi" CD 175.-
Brutal death, remixed and remastered. Second full length album, originally released in 1998 Now remastered with upgraded artwork.
Feeding time

Equimanthorn "Second sephira cella" CD 175.-
Ritual music inspired by the Sumerian past

Infernal Majesty "None shall defy" CD 175.-
Infernal Majesty's album "None Shall Defy" was the main influence on late 80's and 90's death black metal. This cult album has finally been released on CD last february (1996). It includes 2 bonus tracks

Internal Suffering "Choronzonic force domination" CD 175.-
Third album recorded at Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal's studio! Superb brutal death metal.
The return of the Colombian warriors of extreme brutal US orientated death metal! Recorded at Mana Studios with Eric Rutan, this 3rd full length is by far the most extreme and best work of the band so far!
Choronzonic force domination

Manegarm "Nordstjarnans tidsalder" CD 175.-
Goteborg style black metal with violins.
Brilliant mix of Swedish Goteborg metal with Norwegian black and folk

Manegarm "Havets vargar" CD 175.-
Goteborg style black metal with violins
Some bands keep amazing with great albums. Manegarm did it again, with their perfect mix of Swedish and Norwegian style black metal with folk

Manegarm "Dodsfard" CD 175.-
Swedish folky viking black metal
Dodsfard, the latest promising studio album of Swedish viking heroes Manegarm will have even more emphasis on the viking themes and lyrics! The title is referring to the ancient burials of the vikings, and the music has shown to be a fine, yet very recognizable elaboration of the band's first two impressive releases!

Manegarm "Vargaresa - The beginning" CD 175.-
Both Manegarm demos on one CD with great artwork by Kris Verwimp.
Not a new studio album, yet a fine representation of the band's impressive first two demos! All original recordings, many unreleased songs and embryonic versions of later viking classics! Superb sound and original artwork included, with amazing cover artwork by Kris Verwimp!
Ett gammalt troll

Nocturnal "Arrival of the carnivore" CD 175.-
Back to the early days of Kreator and Destruction!

Officium Triste "Pathway" CD 175.-
Depressive melancholic Dutch doom
Combining sad and dark moods with melancholic atmospheres, Officium Triste relives the early nineties when My Dying Bride
and Anathema invented a new and exciting death metal sub genre.
Foul play

Officium Triste "Reason" CD 175.-
Impressive emoltional melancholic doom
'Reason' captures five lengthy and impressive melancholic doom songs that will surely please fans of the band's earlier recordings, as well as fans of early Anathema or Shape of Despair! Heavy-laden nostalgic guitar work, solid drum guidance and emotional grunting, topped with well-placed keyboard parts, all mixed into a masterpiece of depression. Mastered by Robbe (Disavowed)!
Sun doesn't shine anymore

Perished "Seid" CD 175.-
Latest album of these true Norwegian metallers!
Very diverse material, always maintaining that perfect balance between blasting raw aggression and righteous melodies! If this material needs to be compared, it would be a perfect hybreed of 1994-era Enslaved and 1996-era Mayhem!

Pestilence "Mallevs maleficarvm" CD 175.-
Cult Dutch death album. Includes both demos.
Debut CD "Mallevs Maleficarvm", 1988/1998. First released in '88 by Roadrunner. Now worldwide on CD by Displeased

Whiplash "Power and pain / Ticket to mayhem" CD 175.-
Cult US thrash albums.
Both cult thrash albums on one CD. Worldwide by Displeased except. Germany by Massacre

kell 13:34

oujeeeee,viimaseid asju silmates tuli lapsepõlv meelde
aga vaevalt neid enam niimoodi kaifiks

kell 13:35

ei tegelt Pestilence ajab ikka pöördesse küll

kell 20:35

Ja järgmiseks siis Supernal Music`u kataloog. Samad sõnad jälle. Kui leiate mõne

plaadi selle plaadifirma lehelt, mida antud nimekirjas ei ole, siis võtke ühendust ahto@nailboard.org ja ajame asjad joonde!

DEINONYCHUS (Nld): “Ark of Thought” CD 175.-
DEINONYCHUS is a deeply introspective entity, and distinguishes itself in the vivid manner in which it is able to convey the

psychological complexity of human emotion. This is to an extent thanks to Mr. Kehren's idiosyncratic vocal style, which uses

an astute combination of performance and recording techniques in order to achieve a maximum level of dark expressionism. The

songs offer sad, catatonic melodies, contrasting tempos, accoustic instants, virulent guitars, deep keyboard arrangements, and

a sparse, moody lyrical approach. Red Stream

KATAXU (Pol): "Hunger of Elements" CD 175.-
Import CD from the U.K. Totally astral and Orchestral Black Metal with members of SUNWHEEL! An absolutely immense pillar

of strength, rooted in the deep geological past and reaching outwards into the fathomless cosmological darkness! Sweeping

black metal with layers of melody colluding to create atmosphere and tension, KATAXU use the best of techniques sparingly

and focus on songwriting to convey complexity in structural change. Fans of early EMPEROR, DISSECTION and

THUNDERBOLT will appreciate this album! Blackmetal.com

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL (GBr): “The Excommunication of Christ” CD 175.-

WITCHFYNDE...? Nobody? I couldn't either until Ralf gave me this CD with the words "ingenious, but totally wacked out!" As

weird as this style-mix sounds, it is the truth. The band shamelessly takes the best of the past 25 years of Rock/Metal and

pieces it all together in a truly remarkable sound-experience. The Metal Observer
Assault and Battery

HATE FOREST (Ukr): “The Most Ancient One” CD 175.-
HATE FOREST's "The Most Ancient Ones" is a re-working & [studio] re-recording of 'The Curse' demo + live rehearsal, previously released only on cassette on Kolovrat/Nawia Productions. Re-recorded in 2001 with the new line-up, this explosive studio-version of elite Slavonic/Aryan Black Metal from the Ukraine is twice as fast! 46+ minutes import CD from Supernal Music England!

MAYHEM (Nor) / THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL (GBr): “Freezing Moon, Carnage / Jihad” CD 175.-
Compact disc version of the 10" picture disc we released in July 2002 ("Single of the Week" in Krrang!), now with two bonus tracks by THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL, bringing the track list up to 8 and the playing time to a bit under 45 minutes. The MAYHEM tracks date back to 1990, and were the only ones the band ever recorded in a studio with the classic line up (Dead, Euronymous, Necrobutcher, Hellhammer). The MEADS tracks were inspired by the 11 September 2001 attack. Comes with artwork as provocative as the latter's lyrics!Supernal Music

HATE FOREST (Ukr): “Purity” CD 175.-
Third album from this most laconic and hostile Ukrainian horde. This album combines the deadly speed of "The Most Ancient Ones" with epos and a reflective character, rooted in a sense of ancient history and shamanic mysticism.Supernal Music

DRUDKH (Ukr): “Forgotten Legends” cd
This new outfit includes members from Ukraina Black Metal band HATE FOREST, albeit musically it is comparable to the more epic Nordic Metal side of BURZUM.
DRUDKH, which means "wood" in sanskrit, focuses on the solitary contemplation of nature. Four epic tracks flowing like rivers, dreamy like the woodlands' desolation, raw like the moist earth. Cinematic, panoramic and atmospheric trance Black Metal in the vein of TAAKE, FORGOTTEN TOMB, WEAKLING (SF), MYSTIC FOREST, etc.!
*(This elite first DRUDKH album "Forgotten Legends" was also released on limited-edition vinyl LP by Northern Heritage, Finland; label of CLANDESTINE BLAZE!) Blackmetal.com

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL (GBr): “Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua” CD 175.-
Second full-length album from one of the most creative English Black Metal bands around today. After 2002's extremely successful "Jihad" split with MAYHEM, released last year first as a limited picture disc and then as a cd with bonus tracks, the new material features rawer guitars and, at the same time, more varied and ingenious orchestration. Just about anything and everything is thrown in here, although woven into a melodic Black Metal framework with such skill and panache that the musical flow is able to bring an endless stream of surprises (and even some truly bizarre moments) in a very refreshing and enjoyable way. This album is themed after the infamous carpenter-turned-teacher of Nazareth; a man whose radical ideas developed into a personality cult and, finally, after being Hellenised, Romanised, and Celticised, into a corporate religion - with him as a god - with over two thousand million slaves around the world.Supernal Music

CAPRICORNUS (Pol): “Alone Against All” CD 175.-
Debut album from Capricornus' (THOR'S HAMMER, ex-GRAVELAND) eponymous project. The explosion of disgust towards the

system based on illusions of equality, freedom, and brotherhood culminates 10 years of the band's existence. Similar in style to

THOR'S HAMMER's 'Three Weeds from the Same Root', but with more extreme vocals and a more radical stance, as well as

cosmic ambiance. Red Stream

DRUDKH (Ukr): “Autumn Aurora” CD 175.-
Second album of Ukraine Trance Black Metal from DRUDKH (featuring members of Ukraina BM veterans HATE FOREST), this time incorporating keyboards and enhancing the dreamy, atmospheric element.
*(The first album "Forgotten Legends" was also released in limited-edition vinyl LP by Northern Heritage, Finland; label of CLANDESTINE BLAZE!) Nostalgic, panoramic Black Metal from Ukraine. Blackmetal.com

HATE FOREST (Ukr): “Battlefields” CD 175.-
Sixth album. Solemn, obscure, militaristic, this time they produce a bombastic opus in the vein of epic GRAVELAND, but much

grimmer and hateful, and full of terrible sadness. Includes traditional Ukrainian folk songs intercalated between tracks. Red


INFERNUM (Pol): “...Taur-Nu-Fuin...” CD 175.-
Re-issue of the long-out-of-print 1995 album. INFERNUM, whose line-up included Rob Darken (of GRAVELAND) and

Capricornus (of THOR'S HAMMER and CAPRICORNUS), was one of the most promising and well-respected Polish Black Metal

hordes, back in those dark, incendiary 1990s. Along with VELES and GRAVELAND, this album sits at the apex of that period

and style. The album is offers truly obscure Black Metal with evil (somewhat overwhelming) keyboards and a profound

mysterious atmosphere, combined with an extremist ideology - a testament to the true believer. Red Stream

HATE FOREST (Ukr): “Scythia+1” CD 175.-
Elite Heathen Black Metal from Ukraina (former Soviet Russian state); 8 Songs total, including a BONUS TRACK not available

on the original (MCD) version! Import CD (in jewel-case) from Supernal England; originally was self-released as a MCD by HATE

FOREST on their own Noble Wolves Records *(the band allegedly having to cross outside of their country's border to mail these

to England and the USA !)... The Bonus Track was recorded in Winter 2002; all other songs were recorded during Autumn '98 -

Winter '99. Blackmetal.com

ASTROFAES (Ukr): “Those Whose Past is Immortal” CD 175.-
Immortal legends Hate Forest, Drudkh and Astrofaes are the ultimate Unholy Union of the most awe-inspiring Black Metal

scene this east-European country has to offer.Red Stream

DRUDKH (Ukr): “Lebedynyi Shlyakh” CD 175.-
Atmospheric Slavonic Black Metal from Ukraine; CD version of 3rd album! Featuring members from elite HATE FOREST. The last track is a traditional folk song sung in clear baritone chant, with poetry by Taras Schevchenko (ca. 1814-1861)
A total of 7 Songs (44 minutes). Blackmetal.com

HATE FOREST (Ukr): “Sorrow” CD 175.-
HATE FOREST is dead, long live HATE FOREST! This is HATE FOREST's final album... The songs here rush onwards - the

drums are fast like a Metalstorm machinegun... The entire CD is ruthless, relentless, obsessive and determined to the bitter

end. The flow of anger contains a strong tragic element of profound sorrow - which renders the music more emotionally complex

and hypnotic... then before. Red Stream

BENIGHTED LEAMS (GBr): “Ferly Centesms" CD 175.-
A Third album of BENIGHTED LEAMS was released in 2004. This material dated back from the Autumn of 1998 and is radically

different from the earlier work. The sound is a mixture of BETHLEHEM circa "S.U.I.Z.I.D." and VOIVOD "Killing Technology". Supernal Music

Lisaks võite ifot lugeda ka siit: Supernal Music releases

kell 16:05

Täna siis kogu kupatusega Nõmme Cultis ja lisandunud on Solistitium Records`i kraam :

ARGAR "Grim March To Black Eternity" CD 175.-
Fast and raging black metal that dips into majestic mids of atmosphere with minor synth work. While maintaining an underground vibe, Argar really expands on their style with impressive moments of melody and triumphant sounding segments of music.

KAWIR "Arai" CD 175.-
The long awaited return of one of the oldest still existing bands in the black metal movement. "Arai" shows Kawir in the very unique style which was always owned by the Hellenic veterans. You can't compare this album to any current releases. It is very much in line with South European traditional black metal, yet with more modern touches and good production. A requiem to the deceased gods..

TROLLFEST "Willkommen Folk..." CD 175.-
Killer NEW 'Troll' metal from Norway that will sit real well with fans of SKYFORGER & FINNTROLL

THE STONE "Zakon Velesa" CD 175.-
Serbian raw pagan black metal horde, The Stone, released their fourth full-length album Zakon Velesa (Veles' Law). More info can be found at The Stone official site:
Kurat!!! "Hundi Seadus" ju plaadi nimeks!!! :)))))))))

THE STONE "Slovenska Krv" CD 175.-
This is a real pagan storm from darkwoods of Serbia. Raw, savage, simple Black metal, full of anger and pride is what’s Slovenska Krv (Slavic blood) all about. Eight songs, eight individual cuts in the face of orthodox Serbian establishment. Eight hymns of pagan Serbian nature and patriotism for uncorrupted leftovers of The Stone homeland.

THE STONE "Tragom Hromoga..." CD 175.-
Raw Black Metal from Serbia...

GEIST "Patina" CD 175.-
Not sure where it came from, most likely out of fucking nowhere, and I'm still trying to wrap my head(trip) around it, but I'm sufficiently enthralled to the task. The record's called Patina [Solistitium:www.omvina.com], the band's called Geist, and the references flow thick: Weakling's tower of spite, Negura Bunget's autumnal-sunset splendor, the ever-daunting Hvis Lyset Tar Oss' catacombed quest for truth, the somehow exclusively Germanic malice 'n' menace of pre-Rammstein Bethlehem, some fairly frequent asskicking on loan from Carpathian Forest, even poignant neo-classical string-section segues worthy of World Serpent distribution, the band's trump card being the black-hole-sailing swells of synth seamlessly and more importantly subtly integrated into its gaping, man-on-the-mountain charges into (psychedelic) battle. Literally out of nowhere this came, yet it goes somewhere and everywhere - and again, I'm enthralled. (Nathan T Birk)

NOCTERNITY "Onyx" CD 175.-
Greece Nocternity plays black metal in the vein of early Satyricon, Darkthrone and maybe Emperor has influenced them aswell. This release radiates an atmosphere like on black metal albums from the early ninetees. Sporadic we hear some keyboards, but mostly it's just a mix of harsh vocals, cold guitars and distant drums.
Nocternity features members from Septic Flesh and Order of the Ebon Hand

kell 11:53

Kaks plaati jälle juures:

Realm of Carnivora - III - Noblefilth Enigma 89.- CD
Raw black metal

SkyForger "Sword Song" 175.- CD
Pure Latvian Folk!

kell 15:48

NEOANDERTALS "Neander Valley" CDR 45.-

Kaks lugu maailma kõige esimeselt keelpillidest ainult bass kitarre kasutavalt brutal/grind bändilt. Samuti on vist tegemist ainukese brutal/grind bändiga, kes räägib neandertaalaste elust ja olust.

kell 20:30

Jälle väike täiendus:

Nihilistikrypt "Required Sacrifices" CDR 89.-
Natuke kodumaist surmametalli

Forefather "Ours is the Kingdom"
Anglo-Saxon Metal

Forefather "Engla Tocyme"
Anglo-Saxon Metal. Re-release of 3rd album with bonus tracks and updated artwork.

Forefather "The Fighting Man"
Anglo-Saxon Metal. Re-release of 2nd album with bonus tracks and updated artwork.

Forefather "Deep Into Time (re-issue)"
Anglo-Saxon Metal. Re-release of debut album with bonus tracks and updated artwork.

Throndar "For Death and Glory"
Thronar plays Battle Metal, a term more heard of in the last couple of years. In the case of Thronar it means a combination of heavy and symphonic black metal. The band thus reminds of Thyrfing (composition), Turisas (bombast) and Bal Sagoth (atmosphere) with a dash of Gothenburg in the guitarplaying.

Esimestele Forefather plaatide tellijatele lisaviiner garanteeritud

kell 20:31

Kurat! Forefather & Throndar plaadid on loomalikult CD`d ja 175.- eeku

kell 12:44

Jälle väike täiendus:

Loits "Reval 15.02.2003" CDR 89.-
Live video CDr, mpeg format

Loits "Ei Kahetse Midagi" MC 60.-
Esimene hall versioon. Mõned koopiad on saadaval...

"Estnische Kriegskameraden" MC 60.-
Eesti bändide kogumik. Sisaldab rariteetset Tharaphita esimest reh. demo ja palju muud raskesti kätte saadavt kui head kraami.
Loits, Tharaphita, Manatark, Must Missa, Ohvrikivi, Thy Lord, Savage Messiah, Sorts, The Grey Calamity, Pirit

"Unite the Underground World Wide Black Metal War" MC 60.-
UG kogumik millelt võib leida ka paar Eesti metal bändi.

kell 10:52

"Estnische Kriegskameraden" see oleks isegi täiesti mõeldav ... tundub huvitav ja hää

kell 22:55

Estnische Kriegskameraden see oleks isegi täiesti mõeldav ... tundub huvitav ja hää

See materjal pidi mingi aeg tagasi ka CD formaadis ilmuma aga asjalood ei läinud nii nagu oleksime soovinud. Hilisemad pakkumised oleme ise tagasi lükanud. Nõnda ongi see üsna salapärane ja ehk juba ka kultusstaatusega kogumik jäänud kasseti kujul UG-s tiirlema. Üsna viimane võimalus see endale muresteda...

kell 15:22

Obtest "Iš Kartos Į Kartą" CD 175.-
Värsket pagan-metal`it Leedust.

kell 13:31

Seoses Tharaphita sünnipäevaga sai vanu plaate juurde tehtud. Kogused on piiratud. Näiteks "Raevu" tehti ainult 40 tükki ja juurde neid enam kunagi ei tule.

Tharaphita "Hundiseadus" (self-released, 2003) CDR 80.-
Tharaphita "Raev" (self-released, 1998) CDR 100.-
Tharaphita "Tumedate Tunnete Kütkeis" (self-released, 2001) CDR 100.-

kell 16:33

Total Devastation - Roadmap of Pain
modern death metal

Swallow The Sun - The Morning Never Came
doomy death metal

The Eternal - The Sombre Light of Isolation
melodic doom metal
Kuula: Down

Scent of Flesh - Valor of Hatred
brutal death metal

Jääportit - Uumenissa (Deep in Below)
Kuula: Maa pirstaleista

Gloria Morti - Lifestream Corrosion
death/black metal

Fall of The Leafe - Volvere (re-issue)
progressive metal

Manitou - The Mad Moon Rising (re-issue)
hardrock/heavy metal

Total Devastation - Reclusion
death metal

Shadow Cut - Pictures of Death
death/black metal

Grave Flowers - Incarcerated Sorrows
gothic/doom metal
Kuula: Erase Delete

ShamRain - Someplace Else
ethereal dark rock

Swallow The Sun - Ghosts of Loss
doomy death metal

Swallow The Sun - Ghosts of Loss
doomy death metal

The Eternal - Sleep of Reason
gothic metal
Kuula: Everlasting

Fall of The Leafe - Vantage
progressive metal
Kuula: If Mirrors Leave Men In Crumbs

Withering - Gospel of Madness
scandinavian melodic heavy death metal

My Shameful - Of All The Wrong Things
depressive doom metal

Until Death Overtakes Me - Prelude to Monolith
ambient funeral doom

Pantheist - O Solitude
funereal doom music

Woods of Belial - Deimos XIII
suicide doom

Mar De Grises - The Tatterdemalion Express
melodic doom metal

Necare - Ruin
doom/death metal

My Shameful - ...Of Dust
depressive doom metal

Pantheist - Amartia
funereal doom music

Umbra Nihil - Gnoia
slow obscure metal

Tyranny - Tides of Awakening
funeral doom

kell 16:44

Vittu raisk! Vähe ma ei vihka seda süsteemi siin. Eila sai asju üles lennutatud ja tühine lingile klikamine tegi tehtud töö nulliks ja nüüd läks kah asi poolikult üles ja parandada enam ei anna...

OK, asjalood järgmised! Nailboard Records´il on rõõm teada anda et me oleme nüüd Firebox Records`i ametlikud levitajad siin Eestis. Kõik eelpool nimetatud plaadid on kenasti meie kataloogis olemas. Kahju et kõigile mp3-esi taha ei saanud pookida ennem kui kala maiia tuli ...

kell 11:22

Taas on üks väike plaadifirma leidnud endale levitaja Eestis. Sedapuhku tervitagem meile juba tuttavat My Kingdom Music`ut!!!

Crowhead - Frozen Digipak 175.-
Depressive Gothic Dark
Kuula: My Angel

Room with a View - First Year Departure CD 175.-
Avantgarde Dark Gothic
Kuula: Club Epoque

Rain Paint - Nihil Nisi Mors Digipak 175.-
Melancholic Mournful Metal
Kuula: Rain Paint

Forgotten Sunrise - Ru:mipu:dus Digipak 175.-
Lysergic Deathbeat
Kuula: Outumny:nic

Crest Of Darkness - Evil Knows Evil CD 175.-
Extreme Metal
Kuula: Inexplicable Bloodthirstiness

Deinonychus - Insomnia CD 175.-
Apocalyptic Suicidal Music
Kuula: Nightfall Guides Insomnia...

Desparation - Music For The Night CD 175.-
Orchestral Dark Gothic
Kuula: Song Of The Nightingale

Plan E - Best Kept Secret CD 175.-
Decadent Dark Rock
Kuula: Shadow In The Dark

kell 22:54

Wood Brothers kogumik CD 175.-

Metsavendadele pühendatud kogumik "Wood Brothers"
Eesti, Läti, Leedu ja Ukraina bändid teevad äsja ilmunud kogumikul "Wood
Brothers" ühise kummarduse oma vanavanematele, kes teise maailmasõja ajal
ja pärast sõda relvastatult okupatsioonivõimudele vastupanu osutasid. Igas
riigis oli nende kangete meeste ja naiste võitlus veidi erinev, kuid idee
oli sama. Metsavendade võitluse eesmärk oli kaitsta oma perekondi ja
iseennast võõrvõimu vägivalla eest. Nad lootsid taastada oma isamaa
iseseisvuse. Kogumikul teevad kaasa Loits, Must Missa ja Tharaphita
Eestist, SkyForger ja Urskumug Lätist, Obtest Leedust ning Nocturnal
Mortum, Astrofaes, Hate Forest ja Drudkh Ukrainast.

Plaadi väljaandjaks on Ameerika plaadifirma Elegy Records

kell 23:49

Nii...hoidke piip ja prillid, sest nüüdsest on Nailboard Records Black Mark AB ametlik levitaja siin Eestis!
Visake ka pilk Black Mark AB lehele ja kui leiate sealt midagi, mida meil Nailboard`i kataloogis ei ole, siis saab selle järgmise ostuga ära tellida! Horricane`i ärge küsige. See tuleb nii-ehk-naa! :)

Nimekiri siis siin:

Bathory "Bathory" CD 185.-
Bathory "Blood Fire Death" CD 185.-
Bathory "Blood Fire Death" - blood red vinyl (digitally remastered) LP 185.-
Bathory "Blood On Ice" CD 185.-
Bathory "Destroyer Of Worlds" CD 145.-
Bathory "Hammerheart" CD 185.-
Bathory "Hammerheart" - blood red vinyl (digitally remastered) LP 185.-
Bathory "Jubileum vol I" CD 145.-
Bathory "Jubileum vol II" CD 145.-
Bathory "Jubileum vol III" CD 145.-
Bathory "Katalog" CD 145.-
Bathory "Nordland I" CD 185.-
Bathory "Nordland I & II" (blood red - double vinyl) LP 185.-
Bathory "Nordland II" (digi pack) CD 185.-
Bathory "Octagon" CD 185.-
Bathory "Requiem" CD 185.-
Bathory "The Return" CD 185.-
Bathory "Twilight Of The Gods" CD 185.-
Bathory "Twilight Of The Gods" - blood red vinyl (digitally remastere) LP 185.-
Bathory "Under The Sign..." CD 185.-
Bathory "Under The Sign..." - blood red vinyl (digitally remastere) LP 185.-
Cemetary "An Evil Shade Of Gray" CD 145.-
Dan Swanö "Moontower" CD 145.-
Edge Of Sanity "Crimson" CD 145.-
Edge Of Sanity "Crimson II" / digi-pack! CD 185.-
Edge Of Sanity "Cryptic" CD 145.-
Edge Of Sanity "Evolution" CD 145.-
Edge Of Sanity "Infernal" CD 145.-
Edge Of Sanity "Spectral Sorrows" CD 145.-
Edge Of Sanity "Unorthodox" CD 145.-
Edge Of Sanity "Nothing But Death Remains" CD 145.-
Edge Of Sanity "Until Eternity Ends" CD 145.-
Fleshcrawl "Bloodred Massacre" CD 145.-
Fleshcrawl "Bloodsoul" CD 145.-
Fleshcrawl "Crawling In Flesh" CD 145.-
Lake Of Tears "A Crimson Cosmos" CD 145.-
Lake Of Tears "Forever Autumn" CD 145.-
Lake Of Tears "Greater Art" CD 145.-
Lake Of Tears "Headstones" CD 145.-
Lake Of Tears "Neonai" CD 145.-
Lake Of Tears "Sorcerers" single mix/nathalie and the fireflies CDS 85.-
Memento Mori "La Danse Macabre" CD 145.-
Memento Mori "Life, Death and Other Mor.." CD 145.-
Morgana Lefay "Fata Morgana" CD 145.-
Morgana Lefay "Grand Materia" (digi-pack) CD 185.-
Morgana Lefay "Knowing Just As I" CD 145.-
Morgana Lefay "Maleficium" CD 145.-
Morgana Lefay "Morgana Lefay" CD 145.-
Morgana Lefay "Past Present Future" CD 145.-
Morgana Lefay "Sanctified" CD 145.-
Morgana Lefay "The Secret Doctrine" CD 145.-
Necrophobic "The Third Antichrist" CD 185.-
Necrophobic "Darkside" CD 145.-
Necrophobic "Spawned By Evil" CD 145.-
Nightingale "Alive Again" CD 185.-
Nightingale "Invisible" CD 185.-
Nightingale "The Breathing Shadow" CD 145.-
Nightingale "The Closing Chronicles" CD 145.-
Nightingale "Nightfall Overture" CD 145.-
Quorthon "Album" CD 145.-
Quorthon "Purity Of Essence" (2 cd) 185.-
Tad Morose "A Mended Rhyme" CD 145.-
Tad Morose "Leaving The Past Behind" CD 145.-
Tad Morose "Paradigma" CD 145.-
Tad Morose "Reflections" CD 145.-
Tad Morose "Sender Of Thoughts" CD 145.-
Jennie Tebler ""Silwerwing" CDS 85.-
See viimane ehk vajab isegi tutvustamist. Muusika sellel plaadil on teinud tänaseks manalateele läinud Quorthon isklikult ja lauljannaks on Lake Of Tears`ist tuntud Jennie Tebler.

kell 23:50

Türb, Bathory "Nordland II" CD siiski ei ole digipak...

kell 12:48

Mortophilia "Six Grinded Piles" (demo 2005) CDR 75.-

kell 16:42

Urskumug "Passover" CDr 85.-
Äsja Ledo Takas Records`i kaitsva tiiva alla maandunud Läti Urskumug`i kümne looga demo, millele on lisatud ka üks üsna õnnestunud video. Trükitud ümbris ja kleebisega CD ketas. Kiire paganlik BM. Meenutab natuke vanemat Kalmu ja Manatarka.

kell 12:17

Ai kui magusad uudised!!!!

Esiteks jõudis pärale kaua oodatud....
Horricane "The Lynch - Lawyer" CD 150.-

Ja teiseks saabus Hiinast....
Herald "Heavy Metal Wakes the Beast" CD 150.-

Karake tormi heale Eesti hevile!!!

Teie Nailboard Records

kell 14:37

Nädsa. Merciless Records saatis jälle väikese pakki. Vesi hakkab voolama jälle UGBM ja vanemakooli trääza austajate veskile:

Order From Chaos "Imperium - The Apocalyptic Visions" Volume One CD 175.-
"Inhumanities" demo, july 1988
"Rehearsal, 25 Detsember 1988"
"Live, Manassas, Virginia, March 1994"

Saltus "Slavonic Pride" CD 175.-
Nordic-influenced Black Metal mixed with ancient Pagan atmospheres. Pure diabolicism and a look into Slavic history and ancient honor.
Kuula: "Slavonic Pride"

Desaster "Stormbringer" MCD 150.-
Re-Release. This crushing band needs no introduction, because only wimps have not yet heard of Desaster!The legendary mini album from 1997 finally available again in jewel-case format! Simply Traditional Black Thrash Metal.

Desaster "Hellfire`s Dominion" CD 175.-
DESASTER have risen their swords for another strike of traditional Black Metal in their raw and powerful style. Be prepaired for more than 45 minutes of total Desaster!

Godless North "Summon the age of supremacy" CD 175.-
Grim Black Metal like it is so rarely played these days, and masterfully accomplished by tyrants from the shores of mighty Vinland. Godless North are one of the few raw Black Metal bands fighting against the trends. No pretty life metal garbage, just total holocaust and atmospheres of extreme cold death-worship!
Kuula: "Dark Skies Over Vinland"

Cryptic Winds "Storms of the Black Millenium" MCD 150.-
Terrorist Metal! These 3 perverted maniacs from the steamy swamps of Florida / USA have redefined extremity with their debut mini album "Storms of the Black Millenium" Metal for the glory of war and evil. Prepare for the fucking apocalypse!!
Kuula: "The Ashes of Nightfall"

Armagedda "The Final War Approaching" CD 175.-
Great grim genocidal Black Metal in the fine Darkthrone tradition from this young Swedish horde! Captures the spirit and atmosphere that the ancient masters themselves can no longer grasp!
Kuula: "Deathminded"

Agmen "Damnation" CD 175.-
Brutal Black Metal without compromise from the ever-mighty Czech underground. Nokeyboards, no female vocals, just pure musical obliterations with excellent production and musicianship. This album will fill your mind with everlasting visions from the kingdom of hell!
Cover of Törr added!!!!
Kuula: "Apokalypsa"

kell 13:02

Ai kui magusad uudised!!!! Esiteks jõudis pärale kaua oodatud.... Horricane The Lynch - Lawyer CD 150.- Ja teiseks saabus Hiinast.... Herald Heavy Metal Wakes the Beast CD 150.- Karake tormi heale Eesti hevile!!! Teie Nailboard Records

Tundub et Horricane esimene ports on otsalõppend

kell 23:41

Nüüd mõned vanad Pläkk`i numbrid ka Nailboard Records`i kataloogist saadaval mõnusalt madala hinnaga:

Pläkk #1 25 EEK
Pläkk #2 25 EEK
Pläkk #4 25 EEK

kell 23:43

Tundub et Horricane esimene ports on otsalõppend

Kust kurat sähergune informatsioon!? Plaate jagum nii sulle, mulle kui talle!!!

kell 00:09

OK, teeme väikese tutvustuse kah:
Pläkk #1
Judas Iscariot, Avalon, Ashes, Diluvial, Blackmail, Autumn Nostrum, Panzer Magazine, Aurvandir, Cause For Effect, Bestial Records, Crimson Midwinter, Evenfall, Norra + Surm = Black Metal, ...And Oceans...

Pläkk #2
Insatanity, Sear Bliss, Postmortem, Neglected Fields, Ocean Morphique, Cat Rapes Dog, Ignorabimus, Diversia, Ancient Ceremony, Buried Dreams, Necropolis Records...

Pläkk #4
Dark Funeral, Tharaphita, Must Missa, Euronymus, Burzum, Therion, Metsatöll, Loits, Carnifex, Echosilence, Iron Maiden, Echtalion, Suppuration, Realm Of Carnivora, Meinardus, Thorium, Pluribus, Fordonia, DNR ja Draconic`u kool

Pläkk #5
Paar metallitalve unerammu maitsnud hevikaru, ajakiri Pläkk, on ennast uuesti tagajalgadele ajanud! Eesti raskeim ajakiri läbi aegade pakub lugejatele taas ainult parimat! Pläkk number viis sisaldab eneses intervjuusid Eesti raudse kahurväe esindajatega nagu Human Ground, Surrogoat, Bestia, Herald, Mortophilia, Raud-Ants jpt! Lisaks avab lugejale oma võlud eesti Raudpiiga Heart! Tuntud eesti rahva hingesanitar Kivisldnik saadab oma loos eesti räpi lihtsalt v****u! Rubriigis "Kadunud Saurused" lahatakse kunagise menubändi Fordonia traagilist hevisaatust! Ajaloohuvilistele killuke SS ajaloost! Kuhjade viisi arvustusi!

Olen näinud juba ka Pläkk #6 kujundust, seega võib loota et kohe-kohe...
....seniks aga lugege vanemaid numbreid. Üsna mõnus on nii skene arengut jägida ja nostalgitseda...

kell 17:46

Vanakooli trääza, hevi ja glam`i mehed see on midagi teile!!!!

Nailboard Records hakkab Eestis levitama plaadifirmat nimega Mausoleum Records. Anname sellest juba varakult ette teada. Kui kellelgi tärkas juba nüüd huvi mõne selle firma plaadi vastu, siis andke meile siva sellest teada ja me tellime selle Sinule ära. Orjenteeruvaks plaadihinnaks tuleb 185.- eesti raha.

kell 17:47

Mausoleum Records`i kataloog tutvumiseks.

kell 14:44

Mausoleum Records`i kataloog tutvumiseks.

kohe hakkas silma Killeri nimeline bänd,aga selle nimega neid vist veelgi olnud,kunagi oli kassetil mingi ''Stronger than Ever''1984 ja Killer

kell 16:43

Väike pidupäev jälle kõigil gooti-metali, black-metal`i, darkwave`i ja funeral-doom`i fännidel!!! Nailboard Records`ist on saanud sellise kõva plaadifirma nagu Read Stream levitajad siin Eestis. Keage ka plaadifirma kodulehelt nii Red Stream`i enda kui ka selle tütarfirmade väljaanded üle ja kui seal on midagi, mida alljärgnevas nimekirjas saadaval ei ole ja te seda väga himustate, siis lennutage kiri ahto@nailboard.org aadressile.

Bethlehem - Mein Weg CD 175.-
Bethlehem's fifth full-length album "Mein Weg" rides through pure uniqueness and individuality which can not be compared to any other known sound in this universe. Since their commencement in August 1991, "Mein Weg" is the strongest yield of Germany's most outrageous pack. These ten fresh tracks (accumulating over sixty minutes) are a mishmash of all previous Bethlehem styles with their own touch. "Mein Weg" has it all: distinctive melancholic melodies, sturdy heavy metal riffs, rapid Black Metal blast beats, mega-slow doom dirges, dim piano lines and emotionally serene rock themes.
Kuula: Dr. Miezo

Bethlehem – Schatten aus der Alexander Welt Limited Digipak 2CD 220.-
Schatten aus der Alexander Welt is a completely unique and captivating album with seven brand new Bethlehem tracks, an unusual S.U.i.Z.i.D. cover version, as well as monologues over industrial/mechanical atmospheres. The music is a permutation of all Bethlehem albums and well-known mainstream styles, which marks a new epoch for a rare new musical genre. Check out the most unusual concept albums of all time.
Bethlehem Dictius Te Necare CD 175.-
The title is taken from the early Latin language and translates to You Must Kill Yourself. Bethlehem has redefined their own original style once again to generate seven nocturnal hymns which avoid the typical route taken by many trend followers.
Kuula: Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt

Bethlehem - Suicide Radio CD-rom 175.-
Despair on blackened electromagnetic waves burn into an evil substrate amalgamated from the crushed desires of every soulless cancer infesting our planet...Bethlehem has been loaded into memory.

Bethlehem unleash a new audio/visual CD-rom entitled "Suicide Radio." This CD-rom includes video clips, remixed songs, photo gallery, flash animation, discography and more.

Designed to penetrate the senses, deep into the subconcious depths where the bleak truth of existence is shackled and bound by the lies of our unnatural society - this is where Bethlehem shine the dark light of a collapsed star, exposing the weakness of rational thought in the face of a waiting abyss.

See you in dev/null..

System requirements:Quicktime 5.0.1 or higher, Windows 98/NT/ME/XP/2000, Pentium III or higher, 256MB RAM or more, 16-Bit direct sound supported soundcard, Compatible 3D graphic card with 64MB RAM or more, 24x CDROM, Microsoft compatible mouse Keyboard

Bloodthorn - Under The Reign of Terror CD 175.-
Under the Reign of Terror is the sound of centuries of warfare and plague. It is the definite calling that death will arrive, in a painful way to the listener. The whole album represents to the audience in a unique way a horrific age of darkness. Experience for yourself this killing force of Black/Death Metal violence from Trondeim, Norge. Brutal and sinister riffing sets the pace for the double bass blasting intensity chaos! Toppled by a necromantic bass sub frequency and blitzkrieg panzer vocal invasion, this is a Black/Death Metal head's secrete war vision come true. There are no merciful quiet passages, or peaceful melodic intros on Under The Reign of Terror. There is only war, enslavement, butchery, savagery... The spirit of this album captures a brand of brutality with all the power of a nuclear assault. This album must be heard to be understood. It will bring your own death!
Under the Reign of Terror includes a 16 page booklet with story, lyrics and photos. The entire album was recorded in France and plagued by malfunctions which only fueled the bloodthirsty members to carry on. Rats, and unknown remains and particles found living in the studio during Under The Reign of Terror could not stop Bloodthorn from recording the most brutal fucking album of their career for their new label Red Stream.
Integrated as guest musician is Necrobutcher from Mayhem on a bestial cover of Deathcrush.

Kuula: Mass Destruction

Endvra – Black Eden (repress) CD 175.-
The sinister music of Endura has gathered appreciation from an increasingly diverse audience who appreciate that burgeoning movement of individuals and bands using electronics to sculpt a music that has been called Dark ambient.
Kuula: Satans Ex Machina

Endura - Elder Signs 2CD 220.-
Red Stream have resurrected the dead souls of these primal recordings and added to them rare, exclusive bonus material to produce an album that documents the early years of Endura. In 1999 the Elder Sign has risen as Endura's lavish double CD release.
Kuula: The Frozen Moon

Forest of Impaled - Demonvoid CD 175.-
Pure power and aggression, Demonvoid showcases the songwriting and melodic abilites of this soon to leganday band while at the same time blasting forth a with a new level of sonic destruciton that is truly awesome to behold! Fans of blistering, melodic Black Metal will find themselves hopelessly trapped in the Demonvoid.
Kuula: Beyond The Black Moutain Realm

Himinbjorg - Haunted Shores Digipak CD 175.-
An excellent and mature album for these Viking souls. This time the group presents their style of powerful Pagan/Viking Metal that incorporates elements of their previous albums along with a more refined and concentrated sound. Released in a 8 panel digipak.
Of Desire And LustThe EternalThe Olves

Judas Iscariot – Dethroned, Conquered & Forgotten mCD 150.-
In the last few months Akhenaten surprised Red Stream with the recording of an unexpected MCD, „Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten" which shows a brutal and unrelentingly sinister corner of this musician's vision. Unleashed by Red Stream almost without warning to the industry or fans, the MCD is yet another example of the band's (and label's) unwillingness to conform.

Krieg - Destruction Ritual CD 175.-
Fresh from the North American Black Metal Invasion European tour comes the first full length from the US nihilist tyrant since 1998's "Rise of the Imperial Hordes". Eleven tracks of audible torture with influences from the forgotten black metal scene. Anti-social black metal without the need of gimmicks or nude sluts on the album covers. Fuck off to today's so called black metal and its trends! Krieg supports the war against you!
Kuula: Enhanced Soil Where Fierce Battles Once Raged

Krieg - The Black House CD 175.-
Krieg continues down it's path of discomfort & dismay through the conceptual "The Black House" album. Based on nightmarescapes and hallucination Krieg opens up a new era in their evoloving sound throguh the use of thick waves of guitar & vocals. Includes a surprising cover of The Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs".
Kuula: Ruin Under A Burning Sky

Krieg-The Church mCD 150.-
Ultra- nihilistic Black Metal chaos in the old vein of Profanatica, Blasphemy, and Bestial Summoning... The sound of war kills you relentlessly. Features Cryptic Winter of Judas Iscariot on drum-hell. Also features the production assistance of Akhenaten from Judas Iscariot. This is extremist and frightening Black Metal done in the most extreme way possible and is the first release of Cicatrix, a new label formed under the wings of Red Stream.

Necrophagia - Goblins be Thinem Digipak mCD 150.-
NECROPHAGIA and RED STREAM are ghoulishly pleased to present the latest in bone chilliing, sheer horror. "Goblins Be Thine" is a new mini CD release from NECROPAHGIA which offers no explanation except an unholy excursion into audio horror fear. This disc opens the door one step beyond terror. Cannibalism, drug addiction, rape, sadism, mutilation, torture and satanism are some of the topics covered..... Come a little closer, closer......closer. Become a witness to the unknown. Enter death's waiting room if you dare. A treasure chest of the macabre....NECROPHAGIA...."Goblins Be Thine."
Kuula: The Fog

Necrophagia – Nightmare Scenerios DVD 260.-
Includes the videos: The Divine Art of Torture, Zo De Caixao, Sick Room, Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Rue Morgue Disciple, Upon Frayed Lips of Silence, Blaspheme the Body, Flowers of Flesh and Blood (Version 2), Upon Frayed Lips of Silence (Uncut). Also includes the special features: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, Introduction by Coffin Joe How to make a monster : The Uncreation of Music(k), Interviews with Killjoy, Paul Naschy, Jose Morale, Jorge Zarco, Dario Ferrer, and J. Luis Martine, Behind the Scenes - Set Building, A few words from Necro Goddess Jenna Jameson, Sickcess Trailer and Still Gallery.

Necrophagia- Harvest Ritual Volume I DIGIBOOK-CD 220.-
NECROPHAGIA is a corpse producing machine that will not stop reanimating their eye-gouging audio horror! The Harvest was plentiful this year; give thanks by feasting on the dead! Very ultimate hard-bound Digibook edition not available anywhere else in the world! (This Digibook is a high quality CD Book-style cover with an outer appearance that is very similar to a real book; the cover is a heavyweight rigid board, laminated with matte paper.)
Kuula: Dead Skin Slave

Necrophagia - Black Blood Vomitorium mCD 150.-
Killed with a knife. Decapitated. Exhumed. Tortured. Beaten to death. Asphyxiated.... just in time for Halloween! "Black Blood Vomitorium!!" Newest Necro-offering from the sickest Gore metal freaks! Ultra Ferox cannibal death metal from Hell. Blood spraying, brain pulling violence filled with crushing power! Flesh ripping and soul tearing projectile vomit riffs and whore gutting vocals! -Necrophagia Website-www.necrophagia.com
Kuula: It Lives In The Woods

Necrophagia - Death Is Fun CD 175.-
Black/Death/Thrash originators classic demo recordings finally re-issued! Again the corpse of Necrophagia summons the damned souls of extreme metal. Returning from beyond the grave to rage anew, those still carrying the torch of the macabre and imaginative world of horror-inspired Death metal will develop their own freakish nightmare while listening. Death is Fun contains some of the earliest death metal from almost fifteen years ago. Originators, like Necrophagia vocalist Killjoy still bristling with power, prove the merit of this particular release once again. The undulating shrieks of Death is Fun vividly paint the emotions of spattered blood, swollen glands, and evisceration. It is a mouthpiece for the unspeakable, an articulate visionary for the silent suffocating darkness. Originally released in1997 as the very first Red Stream digital release, Death is Fun has a lockdown on all things that make you lose your mind over gore-drenched death. Red Stream is once again unearthing dead music with this special re-issue of the first CD the label ever released. The new and improved version includes 2 unreleased raw tracks, never heard before, and killer artwork from Paul Booth and Patrick Tremblay, which has already been banned from five different printers. After an extensive search Red Stream finally found a printer darking enough to print Death is Fun. This CD has already been completely band and confiscated in Germany!
Kuula: Power Through Darkness

Necrophagia – Holocausto de la Morte CD 175.-
Prepare for eye gouging, throat slashing and head stabbing! Total cannibal ferrox Black/Death Metal!
Kuula: Blood Freak

Nomad - Demonic Verses CD 175.-
Overwhelming, monstrous Christ Crushing Death Metal from Poland with great production, packaging and presentation. People who think that brutal Death Metal is not thriving should give Nomad a chance. Recorded at HENDRIX Studio (like BEHEMOTH's "Zos Kia Kultus")
Kuula: Demonic Verses

Pest – Hail the Black Metal Wolves of Belial CD 175.-
Evil and cult Black Metal Wolves (and members of Satanic Warmaster).

Sear Bliss - Grand Destiny CD 175.-
Fear the Hungarian horde's return! This is the re-issuing of this cult's formerly out of print and hard to find fourth album, containing some of their finest material. This is somber, obscure, atmospheric Black Metal from the land of the Huns, recomended by Atilla. Another great band flows to the Stream.
Kuula: The World Beyond

Sear Bliss - Forsaken Symphony CD 175.-
Musically, FORSAKEN SYMPHONY is unquestionably the darkest and most dominant album the band has ever done. There is a strong connection to the sound and the mood of their first album Phantoms. The detail that Csaba Csejtei, former guitar player and songwriter, returned to SEAR BLISS, contributes to the similarity. You can find those dreamy and enthralling melodies that made Phantoms such a successful debut in the Black Metal underground. The band's new approach develops their keyboard work further than previous albums. A tuba and brass section adds an even more bombastic classical touch. And the Black Metal frame of SEAR BLISS shows its purest shape on FORSAKEN SYMPHONY.
Kuula: Enthralling Mystery

Sear Bliss-Glory & Perdition CD 175.-
Outlandish aggression of the utmost honor is once more brought to the world. SEAR BLISS rally back to olden time victoriously and successfully with their newest composition "Glory and Perdition." Seek out this collosal Black Metal record at this instant, or be left everlastingly on the battlefield for the vulture's banquet. Glory and Perdition: Well produced, fast Hungarian Black Metal with trumpet and freezing atmosphere. Features Atilla (ABORYM/MAYHEM) on some moments. I HAVE SEEN THE BIRTH OF TIME!!!
Kuula: Birth of Eternity

Skepticism - Farmakon CD 175.-
Skepticism re-introduces funeral doom through plodding drums, detuned guitars, and medieval keyboards, resulting in a compositional masterpiece. Farmakon is neo-classical melancholy forged with chthonic sludge...
"Vast, enveloping chords emanating from the music's core with a radiant astral beauty, akin to huge waves crashing on the shores of your consciousness" - Alex Clarkson, SonicDeath.co.uk

Skepticism - aes mCD 150.-
'aes' reached uncharted melodies and the music is bludgeoningly heavy and brutal for the amount of heart crushing feelings it brings with each listening. Skepticism is a respected being by an open minded group of elite funeral doom people that will very much be attracted to the appeal of this unique release. Innovative use of clear paper packaging and obscure layout make this pleasurable to your eyes as well as ears and mind.
Kuula: Aes

Skepticism- Lead & Aether CD 175.-
This album reinforces the band's abilities to capture the imagination of all deep and adventurous listeners. It is a dark storm of atmospheric clouds and the eptiome of tragedy!
Kuula: The Organium

Xasthur-Nocturnal Poisoning CD 175.-
Imagine the deepest reaches of the mind as the razor streaks across wrists. This is suicidal grandeur unlike anything ever produced by an American black metal band. Reminding of Manes, Mutilation and Abyssic Hate in terms of absolute self destruction. Bleak images of solitude await you...
Kuula: Soul Abduction Ceremony

kell 16:54

Veel natuke musta metalli ja seekord BlackSeed Productions `ilt:

BEELZEB (Spa) "Misanthrope´s aurora" CD 175.-
Cold Misanthropic Black Metal with hints of early Ved Buens Ende and Arcturus!
Kuula: Mislaid in the Weird Labyrinth of Mirrors

TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM (Ita) "Onori funebri rituali" CD 175.-
Pure, Dark and Hateful Black Metal. Includes bonus song not features in the LP version!
Kuula: Onori Funebri Rituali

NETHEREALM (Sin) "The Occultist Omnibus" CD 175.-
Extreme Hellish Black Metal from Singapore. Includes their debut demo as bonus!
Kuula: Beyond The Eighteen Portals

kell 17:05

Nüüd aga midagi vanakooli Rootsi DM fännidele ja miks mitte ka nii tänastele kui kunagistele Tiamat`i fännidele:

TREBLINKA (Swe) ‘Treblinka’ Mould In Hell Records 2CD 250.-
Cult 80's Death / Black Metal. Includes both demos + 7"EP + live & rehearsal stuff!

"Severe Abomination" 7" EP
"The Sign Of The Pentagram" Demo 1989
"Crawling In Vomits" Demo 1989

"Live Stockholm, Sweden 07/04/89"
"Rehearsal 03/01/89"

kell 10:52

PLÄKK #6 on jõudnud ka Nailboard Records`i kataloogi.

Nocturnal Breed, Loits, Horricane, Die Krupps, Realm Of Carnivora, Urt, Symbolic State, Celestial Crown ja paljud teised põnevad ja vähem põnevad lood.

Hind ikka 40 EEK

kell 02:32

"Mustalt märgilt" saabus uus patakas plaate. Varem mitte mainitute seas olid siis järgmised:

Trash "Watch Out" CD 145.-
Cemetary "Phantasma" Digipak 185.-
Nightingale "I" CD 145.-
Lake Of Tears "Greatest Tears Vol. I" CD 145.-
Lake Of Tears "Greatest Tears Vol. II" CD 145.-
Bathory "Nordland II" Digipak 185.-

kell 02:51

Ja ka My Kingdom Musicùlt on midagi uut:

KLIMT 1918 "undressed momento" Digipak 175.-
Post Modern Music
Kuula: Parade Of Adolescence

ROOM WITH A VIEW "collecting shells at lightouse hill" CD 175.-
Emotional Music
Kuula: Breathe The Water

EN DECLIN "trama" CD 175.-
Ethereal Morphosis Music
Kuula: Still Anger

kell 20:51

Ka Millenium Metal Music tilgutas natuke:

Kawir "Epoptia" CD 175.-
Traditional Hellenic Black Metal.

Azaghal / Beheaded Lamb "Suicide Anthems / Dark Blasphemous Moon" CD 175.-
Finnish black metal vs southern maniacs

Bilskirnir "In Flames Of Purification" CD 175.-
The 2003 album ´In Flames Of Purification´ included a cover version of GRAVELAND´s ´Barbarism Returns´.

Bilskirnir "Furor Teutonicus" CD 175.-
With material dating back to 1998, Furor Teutonicus contains demo and otherwise unreleased material from Germany´s Bilskirnir. Majestic underground black metal, full of grit and the old school feeling of dissonance.

Hin Onde "Shades Of Solstice" CD 175.-
Finnish dark, viking metal

Nattvindens Grat "A Bard`s Tale" CD 175.-
A Dark, Folk Metal concept fronted by ex-DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED man Teemu Kautonen. NATTVINDENS GRÅT keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen and bassist Sami Vänskä also shared their creative energies with NIGHTWISH

kell 20:19

Oriana Music`ust jõudis kah lõpuks pakk kohale:

NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Mirovozzrenie" CD - new! 175.-
NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Twilightfall" CD 175.-
NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Return of the Vampire Lord /Marble Moon" CD 175.-
NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Goat Horns" CD 175.-
NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Nechrist" CD 175.-
NOKTURNAL MORTUM "To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire" CD 175.-
NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Lunar Poetry" slipcase CD 175.-
WHITES LOAD "My Heart, Blood Of Mine" CD 175.-
Great R.A.C./metal - SOKYRA PERUNA member and NOKTURNAL MORTUM's as session member
KHORS "The Flame of Eternity's Decline" CD 175.-
new ukrainian black metal horde, feat. members of ASTROFAES, NOKTURNAL MORTUM, RUNES OF DIANCEHT

Ja väike meeldiv uudis ka funeral doom`i fännidele:
RIGOR SARDONICOUS "Apocalypsis Damnare" CD 175.-

kell 15:16

Retaliation "Pro Patria" CD 175.-

Meloodiline ja patriootlik black-metal põhjanaabritelt. Oma stiililt üsna varejeeruvad lood räägivad isamaast ja Talvesõjast.

kell 20:43

Maple Cross - Next Chapter CD 175.-
Soome thrash-metal`i legendi (esimene demo aastats 1988) taasühinemisele järgnenud album. Kuulake lugu ja vaadake video Maple Cross

Fall of the Leafe – Vantage CD 175.-
Plaadifirma pakub stiiliks progressive-metal. Arvan isklikult et see on üsna eksitav stiilinimi ja võib potensiaalsed fännid bändist eemale tõugata. Ei saa eitada et bänd omaks progre-rock`i mõjutusi aga peale selle mängivad suurt rolli gothic-rock, Brit-pop, ´70s hard rock ja võibolla isegi grunge (vokaal meenutab kohati Eddie Vedder´it) elemendid. See on plaat, mida on üllatavalt lihtne kuulata ja samas on võimalik minna ka sügavuti. Kindlasti maius melo-metali ja üheksakümnendate alguse gothic-metal fännidele.
Kuula: The Fresco
Kuula: But the Ghosts Here
Kuula: In the Silence of the Sand

My Shameful - ...Of Dust CD 175.-
Plaadifirma poolt lahterdatud kui depressive doom metal. Aeg-ajalt funeral doom`i piiril laveeriv aeglane ja sünge plaat. Raske ja rusuv. Kiiremad osadki ei tundu liiga magusad ja gootilikud. Bändi teeb omapäraseks eriti ebamaine vokaalikasutus. Kohati on isegi raske uskuda et neid hääli toob esile inimene.
Kuula: One Lost Forever

Forest of Shadows - Departure CD 175.-
Meloodiline doom/death. Tihti võrreldud bändidega Anathema, Antimatter, In The Woods..., My Dying Bride ja Lake Of Tears. Vanema kooli meloodilise death/doom`i fännidele kindlasti midagi hingelähedast
Kuula: Bleak Dormition

Forest of Shadows - When Dreams Turn to Dust MCD 150.-
Taasilmunud üle poole tunni pikune MCD. Ajahammas ei ole sellele plaadile peale hakkanud. Täiesti võrreldav uuema plaadiga.

Pantheist – Amartia CD 175.-
Omanäoline funeral doom-metal. Peale bändi liidri Kostas (üks weebilehe http://www.doom-metal.com loojaid) Belgiast Inglismaale kolimist liitusid Pantheist`iga Esoteric`u liikmed, kes ka selle plaadil kaasa teevad. Tegemist on üsna Soome traditsioonide pärase funeral doom-metaliga. Võrreldav bändiga SKEPTICISM.
Kuula: Apologeia

Umbra Nihil – Gnoia CD 175.-
Tutvustuses öeldakse et tegemist on seguga bändidest Unholy, Swans, Cathedral, Voivod, Camel, Godspeed You Black Emperor!. Omanäoline plaat tõesti ja paralleele on tõesti keeruline tõmmata. Slow obscure metal sobib selle bändi iseloomustamiseks üsna hästi.

Torture Wheel - Crushed Under...CD 175.-
Väidetavalt on bänd saanud mõjutusi stiilidest doom-metal, black-metal, heavy-metal, 70´s prog & psychedelic rock, industrial, abstract / soundscape / musique jne. Tegemist taas üsna omanäolise funeral doomiga!
Kuula: Crushed Under...

Aarni – Bathos CD 175.-
”almost orthodox doom metallish Lovecraftian-Jungian Kalevala avant-garde music”, „Chthonic hybrid musick”, „avantgarde mooD musick” jne. No võta kinni...
Kuula: Kesäyö
Kuula: Squaring The Circle

Kõik need plaadid ka homsest (31.01.2006) saadaval poes nimega SABBRA CADABRA

kell 16:17

Loits - Vere Kutse DVD-R 150.-
Asja läks aga aega sai. Flak`n`Rolli sünnilugu nüüd ka Nailboard Records`i kaudu saadaval!

kell 18:12


kell 11:55

Must Missa, Tharaphita, Catafalc, Tankard, Nihilistikrypt, DNR, Loits, Project Massacre, Whispering Forest, Hangover, Meinardus, FFF, Pedigree, Winni Puhh ja palju muud huvitavat. Ajakiri on astunud suure sammu edasi...

kell 12:28

Legion Of Doom "The Desecration" Digipak 175.-
10 years after the original release as demo tape "The Desecration" available now in cd version (digipack) remastered.
Kuula: Unholy Lord

Mythological Cold Tower "The Vanished Pantheon" CD 175.-
Taking their time to perfect their particular brand of battle-ready epic doom, this Brazilian band finally unleash their third album. Five lengthy excursions uncover more chaotic and intense layers in their epic doom than heard previously. 'The Vanished Pantheon' continues to explore the band's fascination with mythology and the ancient, uncovering the tales of Lemuria, Atlantis and pre-Colombian civilizations.

Kuula: 1, 2

Cemetary "Godless Beauty" CD 145.-
Following a decent enough debut of early 1990s Swedish death metal in An Evil Shade Of Gray, Cemetary release Godless Beauty, an album that finds the band making the transition to a more doom oriented approach. While their first offering was more or less a gloomy interpretation of Entombed’s Left Hand Path (1990) decorated with sprinkles of acoustic guitar and foggy ambience similar to early Tiamat, Godless Beauty is a shifting towards a sound similar to Paradise Lost’s Gothic (1991) merged with Tiamat’s Clouds (1992). However, unlike those two works which preserved the death metal voice over music that evolved beyond the stylistics of the genre, on Godless Beauty, Cemetary have not yet entirely rid themselves of their death metal influences, resulting in an album that, while not completely unfocused in its direction, represents a band in the midst of conversion.

Cemetary "Black Vanity" CD 145.-
Moving further away from the origins of death metal towards the realm of dark rock/doom metal, Cemetary’s approach relies on mood-altering compositional shifts and gloomy atmospheres through simplistic arrangements where the minimalism of rock format discourages technical disruption of emotional flow. Though

Cemetary "Sundown" CD 145.-
Cemetary’s fourth album, Sundown, essentially completes the band’s transition from a decent death metal band to a terrific gothic rock/doom metal outfit. Having settled on a reliable collection of musicians, Mathias Lodmalm has accomplished his most impressive assembly of songs for this effort, and the fundamental aspects of the band’s sound have been refined to an extent that the music is provided a sharpness and a sense of clarity ultimately unknown to previous releases.

kell 14:08

Ah kurva! Legion Of Doom "The Desecration" Digipak hind on ikka 150 kulli.

kell 13:53

Kõikidel black metal maniakidel on põhjust jälle rõõmustada, sellepärast et...

Hate Forest " Nietzscheism" CD 175.-
HATE FOREST is now dead, but that does not mean there isn’t a musical canon to preserve. 'Nietzscheism', a collection of all of the band's rare and extremly limited EPs, was released on 15 October.

Legion Of Doom "God Is Dead" CD 175.-
Kuula: Ancient Wisdom Within
Bridge of Lunar Tears

Dawnfall "Drei Räume" CD 175.-
Recorded many years ago, this is the long-vaulted successor to the infamous "Dominance of Darkness" debut. Weird, nightmarish, disfigured, you will most likely be repelled at first by what these Germans recorded, walking the thin dividing line between torture and demented genius. Yet this is a clever work, necro and avant garde at the same time, however tortuous.

Lunar Aurora "Ars Moriendi" CD 175.-
Fantastic fourth album from a German band who marked a phenomenal leap forward with this one: sharp, icy, fuzzy guitars, yet lots of bass, original, diverse, and frequent non-melodic keyboard highlights, and great riffs. This version has been improved with an added guitar, thus beefing up the sound, and new layouts.

Ethereal Woods "Thickthorn" CD 175.-
Raw, necro, mid-tempo Black Metal with sad, dreamy, and melancholic keyboards (the latter in the vein of PARNASSUS).

Ethereal Woods "In the Forest of Arden" CD 175.-
The new album has a heavier, meatier sound, but retains the dreamy synths and the sylvian inspiration of the predecessor.

Contra Ignem Fatuum "Detritus" MCD 150.-
'Detritus', a monumental MCD with Nietzschean Black Metal full of cold cynicism. The band will appear next in the forthcoming anti-Geldof compilation with another of their magisterial, epic tracks.

Dark Age "Twilight of Europe" CD 175.-
Sinister and oppressive dark ambient project by HATE FOREST’s composer. Inspired by the Dark Ages, the plague, alchemy, ignorance, superstition, and the rise and fall of empires.

kell 14:03

Hawthrone, Legion of Doomi müüakse :D
Sa vist tellisid hingehinna eest kuskilt????

kell 14:23

The Nyrok City "Nylon" CD 150.-

kell 14:26

Legion Of Doom "Chariots of Thunder" 7" EP
Kuula: Chariots of Thunder

kell 14:29

Legion Of Doom Chariots of Thunder 7 EP Kuula: Chariots of Thunder

Ahjaa, hind 100 krooni

kell 19:15

Sybolic State "By Abstract Words" CDR 100.-
Nats kohaliku surmametalli klassikat
Kuula: Heaven-Born (The Entrance part: III)

kell 20:14

Hawthrone, Legion of Doomi müüakse :D Sa vist tellisid hingehinna eest kuskilt????

Odavamalt sain oma God Is Dead'i ikka kui poest, aga muidugi mitte nii odavalt kui siit saaks..Ja see The Desecration on vist ainus neilt mis pole päris mulle:(

kell 23:09

adminnidele, kes online pole: kas keegi pani selle teema lukku või on meil koodis auk/viga?

kell 23:10

The Meads Of Asposdel "Damascus Steel" CD 175.-
The album was constructed around the East/West conflict that has been raging for centuries. Lyrically focusing on the miseries of conflict and blindness of fanatical fear. The inclusion of 'Wonderful World' and especially its location on the track listing was a way of adding warmth to an overall cold theme.

9/10 Album of the Month

Metal Hammer

Kuula: Creed of Abraham

M87 "Noctilucent Threnody" CD 175.-
Deep space music, combining cosmic noise pieces with eerie symphonic sounds of vast, mind-boggling proportions. Although it doesn't sound like it at all when you play it, the music was created entirely with 7- and 8- string guitars and 7-string bass. Cold, alien, and monumental - one of our most mysterious and least known releases.
Kuula: OQ172

Bewitched "Unveiling Zion: The Mother's Return" CD 175.-
This album evinces significant progression, both technically and compositionally, while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls often encountered by maturing bands, who often run out of ideas at this point and start churning out boring, over-slick, commercial pap: amongst the melodic riffing and vocals, we encounter many strange and enchanting passages, full of cold and darkly fantastic atmospheres.

Sunwheel "Monuments of the Elder Faith" MCD 150.-
Fast, majestic Polish Black Metal full of ruthless strength and totalitarian monumentality. Overwhelming in its symphonic brilliance.

kell 19:13

Nailboard Records`i kataloog täieneb nüüd praktiliselt iga päevaga. Väga palju uut ja huvitavat on tulemas ja praktiliselt kõigile metal fännidele on midagi tulemas...

Ulvhedin (Norra) "Pagan Manifest" CD 175.-
Versatile Pagan Metal with a healthy dose of heaviness, paired with excellent melodies, that can only stem from the cold Nordic countries. "Pagan Manifest" was recorded at the legendary Grieghallen Studios (made famous by the works of Emperor, Zyklon and Burzum) in Norway.
Kuula:„One Eyes God“
“Pagan Manifest”

Odroerir (Saksamaa) "Götterlieder" 175.- CD
A monumental piece of music has been completed! Scene-leaders and members of Thüringer Pagan Metal bands Menhir & XIV Dark Centuries have joined forces for 5 months to put onto CD the musical adaptation of the holy "Edda". There is simply no comparison to this Opus. Friends of Folk and Pagan Metal will have tears of joy.

Kuula: "Weltenanfang"
"Ask und Embla"
"Skirnirs Fahrt"

Krabathor (Tshehhi) "20 Years Of Madness" 2CD 175.-
After 20 years of band history, one killer release after the other and more than 500 shows under their belt, it is time for the Czech Republic's Death Metal pioneers to be celebrated! We present to you their 5 rare demos, including 33 cult songs at a playing time of over two and a half hours.

Arcana XXII (Namiibia) "Your Fatal Embrace" CD 175.-
Arcana XXII is a Namibian band and their heavy yet melodic Metal will amaze every Metal fan that looks for that something special. Always open in their approach and not assigned strictly to particular niches, the band manages to stand out from the similar sounding releases of today.

Kuula: “Sweet Immortal”
„Unholy Tide“

Black Messiah (Saksamaa) "Oath Of A Warrior" CD 175.-
Epic Viking Metal from Germany with melodies that resonate with pure paganism. Black Messiah combine original elements from Russian and Celtic folklore and play them with the typical instruments, like Violins and Mandolins, underlined by hard and fast Metal of course.

Kuula: "Blutsbruder"
"Settings Sails / Riding the Drakkar"
"Bury the Lambs of Christ"

kell 19:55

Nii, nagu lubatud....veel väga head metalit ja mitme eri kandi pealt:

Firedoom Music:

Mythological Cold Tower "The Vanished Pantheon" CD 175.-
Taking their time to perfect their particular brand of battle-ready epic doom, this Brazilian band finally unleash their third album. Five lengthy excursions uncover more chaotic and intense layers in their epic doom than heard previously. ´The Vanished Pantheon´ continues to explore the band´s fascination with mythology and the ancient, uncovering the tales of Lemuria, Atlantis and pre-Colombian civilizations.

Kuula: The Shine Of Lemurian Cataclysm
Ancestral Solar Emblem

Great White North Records:

Aggression "TheFullTreatment" CD 175.-
A classic Thrash Death Metal cult release from 1987... Restored, remastered and with some bonus tracks!
Kuula: Forsaken Survival
Dripping Flesh

Brief Respite "Lullaby to the Moon" CD 175.-
Technical and melodic Death Thrash Metal... For fans of In Flames and Dark Tranquility!
Kuula: Shattered Glass
Double Sens

Cortisol "Meat" CD 175.-
Extremely strange and dark Funeral Doom from Montréal!
Kuula: Boots
Protocol of the Lost Bodies

Dahmer "The Studio Sessions - Discography" CD 175.-
Cult sick brutal Grindcore Crust! 75 minutes, 62 tracks...
Kuula: Pseudo-underground
Herbert Mullin
Dean Corll
Albert Hamilton Fish

Divina Enema "Under Phoenix Phenomenon" CD 175.-
A strange mixture of Black, Power and Prog Metal with many more influences thrown in… Very original and melodic!
Kuula:Demon Mastery Top Level

Fistfuck / Aberrant "Split CD" CD 175.-
Canadian Grindcore vs. American Grind Death!
Fistfuck Hiatus
Fistfuck La Commerciale
Aberrant Blunt Force
Aberrant Fuck Waste

Fuck The Fact "Backstabber Etiquette" CD 175.-
Brutal and technical Grindcore / Death Metal from Canada! Great sick vocals!!!
Kuula: Second Hand Skin
Smokin´ A Fatty

Merlin "Brutal Constructor" CD 175.-
Extremely brutal, fast, intense and technical Death Metal… For fans of Nile / Morbid Angel!
Kuula:Spirits Of The Dead

Merlin "They Must Die" CD 175.-
Brutal, yet technical Death Metal… A cross between old Pestilence and Morbid Angel!
Kuula: Unburied

Mind Eclipse "Utopia: Formula of God" CD 175.-
Brutal and intense darkened Death Metal from Russia... In the vein of Behemoth / Morbid Angel!
Kuula: Formula of God
Gospel in Blood

Paroxysm "Revelation is Denied" CD 175.-
Extreme Canadian Death Metal... For fans of Dying Fetus and Suffocation!
Kuula: Profound Emotional Paroxysm
Regime of Holy Terror

The Mass "Towards Darkness" CD 175.-
Acid and depressive Metal... Brutal, slow and dark... For fans of Neurosis / Isis!
Kuula: Drifting
Towards Darkness

kell 12:24

Niih kaugelt Brasiiliast Evil Horde Records`st jõudis kah pakk kohale!

MURDER RAPE "Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever" CD 175.-
"Third album of this Extreme Black Metal band from Brazil. Faster, heavier and stronger... their new songs will make you fell the fury of these four gloomy souls."
Kuula:Hunters of Christian Souls

SUBLIRITUM "Dark Prophecies" CD 175.-
Symphonic Black Metal from Norway, with Folk and Viking elements in the vein of the first releases of bands like Dimmu Borgir and Emperor. It has some Limbonic Art influences also. For sure the best production ever done by Evil Horde Rec in both aspects concerning musical and graphic productions.
Kuula: Dark Prophecies

Ahjaaa, mõlemad plaadid on väga kena kujundusega slipcase CD`d.

kell 13:57

Seoses tulevase Rautakanki - on the road festivaliga saabus Soomest kah ports plaate:

THE SCOURGER "Blind Date With Violence" CD 175.-
Neo-thrash, mis on rohkem siiski thrash kui neo. Samas on tunda tugevaid The Hauntedi mõjutusi.

CODEON "On My Side" CD 175.-
Technical, melodic and aggressive metal band from Finland.
Kuula: On My Side
Cold Trigger

NORTHERN DISCIPLINE "Burn-Beaten Soil" CD 175.-
Heavy and Thrashy metal

STEEP "Silence Is Not Golden" CD 175.-
The Finnish band Steep prove with their first full length that thrash metal is indeed busy with a revival. Nowadays, modern thrash uses influences from all kinds of music. However, Steep play standard thrash with the comment that they use a few At The Gates and Slayer influences.
Kuula: Silence is not Golden (clip)
Thousand years (clip)

kell 20:17

Veel üks vaffa Soome asi:

Mustan Kuun Lapset "Suruntuoja & Kauniinhauta" 2CD 199.-
So who likes his Black Metal very variable in terms of tempo and structure (yet always staying very accessible), with equally variable vocals and strong melodies, plus calmer passages and some violin, should definitely check out MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET's second effort, because they just don't sound like all the others and above that damn good, too!
Kuula: Kauniinhauta

kell 22:41

Kaugelt Jaapanist jõudis kah pakk meieni. World Chaos Production õnnistas meid üsna reipa kraamiga:

PANTHEON-I "Atrocity Divine" CD ja Digipak 175.-/195.-
Norwegian Infernal Atmospheric Black Metal feat. Tjalve (1349), Seidemann (1349), Sagstad (Sarkom), Renton (Sarkom). Digipak limited #1000
Kuula: Carved in Stone

FALCHION "Legacy Of Heathens" CD 175.-
Falchion fits nicely somewhere between Ensiferum and Moonsorrow. Feat. Juho Kauppinen (Korpiklaani)
Kuula: Immortal heroes (sample)
The ancient tale (sample)

CHAINSAW "Smell the Saw" CD 175.-
Dirty, nasty and old skool are words to describe this record. Your mission is to get it. Rock'n'roll and Thrash goes together like a beer and a big, fat joint, so get it soon!
Kuula: Nightmare World
The Butcher of Bagdad
She just wants to get Laid

TVANGESTE "Firestorm" CD 175.-
Ok, so you're wondering and shouting at the screen, "How does it sound??", well, take CRADLE OF FILTH and THERION with a very "throaty" voice, add some female vocals, add the entire Baltic Symphony Orchestra (!!) and the Prussian Chamber Choir, there you have it a real "Firestorm".
Kuula:Raven (Under the Raven's Black Wings)
Tears will wash off the Blood
From My Sword

ILLNATH "Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure" CD 175.-
Mockers claim, that the good days are over for Symphonic Black, but "Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure" is a sure tip for every fan of this genre, because I didn't listen to such a great Black Metal record for a long time!
Kuula: Cast into fields of evil pleasure

GRIM FORCE "Circulation To Conclusion" CD 175.-
The seven tracked war machine driven by the V-twin like guitar noise and hammer-smith drumming is all set and loaded to burst out in a bullet spree of the most groovy and deadly thrash core ever to appear on this oriental island. Although the parallels with their fellow-countrymen of Ritual Carnage here are all too obvious, and no wonder with RC's Eddie Van Koide performing as a guest lead guitarist, Grim Force put more emphasis on the groove and raw power, rather than supreme riffing technique.
Kuula: God Cries World Dies
The Dead To Be Judged

kell 14:13

No hoidke nüüd piip ja prillid, sest tulemas on muusikavalik, mida pikemalt tutvustama ei pea:

Arch Enemy „Anthems of Rebellion” CD 175.-
Arch Enemy „Burning Bridges” CD 175.-
Arch Enemy „Stigmata” CD 175.-
Arch Enemy „Wages of Sin” CD 175.-
Dark Fortress „Seance” CD 219.-
Dark Tranquility „Character” CD 175.-
Dark Tranquility „Damage Done” CD 175.-
Dark Tranquility „Haven” CD 175.-
Dark Tranquility „Projektor” CD 175.-
Death „Human” CD 175.-
Death „Individual Thought Patterns” CD 175.-
Death „Leprosy” CD 175.-
Death „Scream Bloody Gore” CD 175.-
Death „Spiritual Healing” CD 175
Exodus „Bonded by Blood” CD 175.-
Exodus „Pleasures of the Flesh” CD 175.-
Grave „Into The Grave” CD 175.-
Iced Earth „Alive in Athens” CD 175.-
Iced Earth „Burnt Offerings” (remastered) CD 175.-
Iced Earth „Days of Purgatory” CD 175.-
Iced Earth „Horror Show” CD 175.-
Iced Earth „Iced Earth” (remixed) CD 175.-
Iced Earth „Night of the Storm” CD 175.-
Iced Earth „Something Wicked This Way Comes” CD 175.-
Iced Earth „The Dark Saga” CD 175.-
Krisiun „Assassination” CD 199.- kehtib kuni 31.05 makstud plaadile
Lacuna Coil „Comalies” ltd. CD 175.-
Napalm Death „The Code Is Red” ltd CD 149.-
Nevermore „Dreaming Neon Black” CD 175.-
Nevermore „Nevermore” CD 175.-
Nevermore „The Politics Of Ecstasy” CD 175.-
Nevermore „Dead Hart In A Dead” CD 175.-
Nevermore „Enemies of Reality” CD 175.-
Rotting Christ „Khronos” CD 149.-
Shadows Fall „The Art of Balance” CD 175.-
Shadows Fall „Fear Will Drag You” CD 175.-
Strapping Young Lad „Alien” CD 175.-
Strapping Young Lad „City” CD 219.-
Strapping Young Lad „Heavy As A Really Heavy” CD 175.-
Strapping Young Lad „Syl” CD 175.-
Tiamat „A Deeper Kind of Slumber” CD 149.-
Tiamat „Clouds” CD 149.-
Tiamat „The Astral Sleep” CD 149.-
Tiamat „Wildhoney” CD 149.-
Turisas „Battle Metal” CD 175.-

kell 20:42

AJATTARA "Itse" CD 175.-
AJATTARA "Kuolema" CD 175.-
AJATTARA "Tyhjyys" CD 175.-
AMORAL "Wound creations" CD 175.-
AMORAL "Decrowing" CD 175.-
BARATHRUM "Legions of Perkele" CD 175.-
BARATHRUM "Saatana" CD 175.-
BARATHRUM "Hailstorm/Eerie" DCD 175.-
BARATHRUM "Venomous" CD 175.-
BARATHRUM "Anno aspera" CD 175.-
BEHERIT "Drawning down the moon" CD 175.-
BEHERIT "Beast of Beherit" CD 175.-
BEHERIT "Oath of black blood" CD DIGI 175.-
BLAKE "Starbringer" CD 69.-
BLAKE "Circles of light" CDS 9,99.-
BRANDED WOMAN "Something to hold on" CDS 9,99.-
CHARON "Tearstained" CD 175.-
CHARON "Downhearted" CD 175.-
CHARON "The dying daylight" CD 175.-
CHARON "Songs for the sinners" CD 175.-
CHILDREN OF BODOM "Something wild" CD 175.-
CHILDREN OF BODOM "Hatebreeder" CD 175.-
CHILDREN OF BODOM "Tokyo warhearts" CD 175.-
CHILDREN OF BODOM "Hatecrew deathroll" CD 185.-
CHILDREN OF BODOM "Are you dead yet?" CD 215.-
DARK TRANQUILLITY "Skydancer + Of chaos…" CD 175.-
ENSIFERUM "Iron" CD 175.-
ENTWINE "The pit" CDS 9,99.-
FINNTROLL "Midnattens widunder" CD 175.-
FINNTROLL "Jaktens tid" CD 175.-
FINNTROLL "Visor om slutet" MCD 135.-
FINNTROLL "Nattfödd" CD 175.-
FINNTROLL "Trollhammaren" CDEP 115.-
IMPALED NAZARENE "Decade of decadence" CD 175.-
KIUAS "The spirit of Ukko" CD 175.-
LULLACRY "Be my god" CD 175.-
LULLACRY "Fire withing" CDEP 99.-
LULLACRY "Vol.4" CD 175.-
MANNHAI "Evil undr the sun" CD 175.-
MANNHAI "Spiritraiser" CDS 9,99.-
MANNHAI "The Exploder" CD 69.-
MANNHAI "Rock to the top" CDS 9,99.-
MOONSORROW "Voimasta ja kunniasta" CD 175.-
MOONSORROW "Kivenkantaja" CD 175.-
MOONSORROW "Suden uni" CD+DVD 175.-
MOONSORROW "Verisäkeet" CD 175.-
NIGHTWISH "Angels fall first" CD 185.-
NIGHTWISH "Oceanborn" CD 185.-
NIGHTWISH "Wishmaster" CD 185.-
NIGHTWISH "Over the hills and far away" CD DIGI 185.-
NIGHTWISH "Century child" CD 185.-
NIGHTWISH "1997-2001"BOX 450.-
NIGHTWISH "End of innocence" DVD 275.-
NIGHTWISH "Once" CD 185.-
NIGHTWISH "Highest hopes" CD+DVD 225.-
NIGHTWISH "Highest hopes" BOX 350.-
NORTHER "Dreams of endless war" CD 175.-
NORTHER "Mirror of madness" CD 175.-
PAIN "Dancing with the dead" CD 185.-
PEER GÜNT "Backdoor men" CDS 9,99.-
PEER GÜNT "Motorcycle woman" CDS 9,99.-
PEER GÜNT "No piercing, no tattoo" CD 175.-
REVEREND BIZARRE "Harbinger of metal" CD 175.-
REVEREND BIZARRE "In the rectory…+bonus CD" DCD 175.-
REVEREND BIZARRE "II: Crush the insects" CD 175.-
ROTTEN SOUND "Murderlive" DVD 175.-
ROTTEN SOUND "Exit" CD 175.-
ROTTEN SOUND "Murderworks" CD 175.-
SÓLSTAFIR "Masterpiece of bitterness" CD 175.-
SONATA ARCTICA "Ecliptica" CD 175.-
SONATA ARCTICA "Silence" CD 175v
SONATA ARCTICA "Songs of silence" CD 175.-
SONATA ARCTICA "Winterheart´s guild" CD 175.-
TAROT "Suffer our pleasures" CD 175.-
THE BLACK LEAGUE "Utopia A.D." CD 69.-
THE BLACK LEAGUE "Cold women & warm beer" CDS 9,99.-
THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS "Let me take you far" CDS 9,99.-
THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS "Since the beginning" CDS 9,99.-
THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS "Save rock´n´roll" CDEP 99.-
THE MACHETE "Regression" CD 175.-
THEE ULTRA BIMBOOS "Get there fast" CDS 9,99.-
THEE ULTRA BIMBOOS "Bimboo wizard" CD 69.-
TO SEPARATE THE FLESH FROM THE BONES "For those about to rot" CDEP 99.-
TO/DIE/FOR "IV" CD 175.-
VARIOUS "Metal rocks" DCD 69.-
VARIOUS "Spinefarm metal DVD" DVD 175.-
VARIOUS "Spinefarm metal DVD vol.II" DVD 175.-
VARIOUS "True kings of Norway"CD DIGI 175.-
XYSMA "Lotto" CD 69.-
XYSMA "Yeah / First and magical" DCD 175.-AJATTARA "Itse" CD 175.-

kell 23:03

Avulsed "Yearning" LP 220.-
Spanish most known death metal act returns to feed depraved minds with their foetal death metal assault, the best album on their sick careers!. LP version, lim. 500.

Black Funeral "Az-I-Dahak" LP 220.-
Demoinc attack of the beast by the vampiric cult of the Black order of the Dragon! Gatefold LP format. LP version, lim. 500.

Cadaverous Condition "The lesser Travelled Seas" CD
New album of this veteran austrian Death Metal band with a heavy and mid tempo style with catchy rhythms and some keyboards. Traditional Death Metal!!

Carpathian Forest "Black Shining Leather" LP 220.-
Gatefold vinyl edition of this classic black metal recording. Special bondage edition cover.

Centurian "Liber Zar Zax" LP 220.-
Dutch death metal-destroyers with their most violent and forcing material. Sometimes it has even the same pace and intensity than Brazil maniacs Krisiun. Last copies.

Coercion "Forever Dead" CD 175.-
Cleanly (and very well) produced double bass drum Death Metal concentraing mainly on brootal riffage and low vox (with various high screams). Kinda like Deranged in a way. Debut from Sweden's Coercon! Fast, heavy, ultra brutal, ripping death metal with killer vocals combining influences of Broken Hope, Dying Fetus, Suffocation and older Edge Of Sanity. Produced by Dan Swano.

Disastrous Murmur "And Hungry Are The Lost" CD

Exciter "Dark Command" LP 220.-
The return of the mighty Canadian Thrashmeisters EXCITER! All new 1998 recordings released after their 1997 comeback performance at The Expo of the Extreme #1 in Chicago! Heavy & hard-hitting Thrash POWER in full-Metal glory for headbangers & fist-bangers everywhere! LP version, lim. 1500 hand numbered

Failed Humanity "The Sound Of Razors Through Flesh" CD 175.-
Tight as a duck's bottom (they're waterproof, y'know) and ridiculously fast beyond belief, Failed Humanity blast and thrash their merry way nine tracks of Angelic worship, peppering their triggered attacks with the requisite amount of hairwhip-ready down-tempo transitions that Slayer patented and Morbid Angel popularized.

Helheim "Av norron" LP 220.-
Classic Viking Metal release licensed to Perverted Taste for a nice gatefold LP re-release...comes with revamped artwork and all lyrics. Recorded in Grieghallen. Produced by Pytten

Helheim "Nidr ok.." LP 220.-
Helheim's legendary demo finally on CD format. One of the most influential Viking Metal bands besides Bathory!

Infernö "Downtown Hades" LP 220.-
The LP is Limited Edition numbered with LP-only Bonus Tracks - Gatefold!! LP version, lim. 1000 hand numbered

Slugathor "Fabric Of The Multiverse" 7" EP 90.-
Slugathor plays death metal with no fancy sidepaths. Just straight to the bone! Songs with deep vocals, hammering drums and solid riffing guitars. Pity that they don't play guitarleads while they have two guitarplayers. The songs are not continueous full speed but there are some "get your breath again"parts. Nothing new but solid death metal.

Resurrected "Butchered In Excrements"CD
It´s become a monstrous death metal album and the sound is awesome !!! The record was finally engineered by J. Kell, who worked with bands like Fetish69, Frown & Phantoms Of Future for example and he did a fucking good job !

Resurrected "Faireless To The Flesh" CD
Massive brutality the true death metal way!

Resurrected "Raping Whores" CD
Faster and more extreme. Genius brutality in its rawest form. Death/Grind from the U.S. with technical brilliance!

Rivendell "Farewell/The Last Dawn" CD
The new studio album from RIVENDELL - folkloristic Heathen Metal! A must for Fans of Menhir, Falkenbach or old Empyrium! Excellent vocals on this!

Thy Primordial "The Crowning Carnage" CD
Sweden's THY PRIMORDIAL need no introduction to the Black Metal scene and the band return with this their fifth full length album. "The Crowning Carnage" is a shredding, brutal and complex affair and shows a more varied side of the band than ever before! THY PRIMORDIAL have proved without doubt that they belong in the top echelons of the Black Metal scene. "The Crowning Carnage" is a stunning album that will not only turn heads it may also sever a few at the same time!

Thy Primordial "Pestilence Upon Mankind "CD
Recorded at Abyss studios! Like mankind wasn't bad enough already!!!

kell 00:06

Ja Bathory ning vinüülifännid...

Bathory "Twilight Of The God" LP red splatter 195.-
Bathory "The Return..." LP 195.-
Bathory "Hammerheart" LP 195.-
Bathory "Blood Fire Death" LP 195.-

kell 17:30

Midagi kodumaist kah siia vahele:

Celestial Crown "A Veiled Empire" CD 175.-
Lähemat infot saate siit

kell 21:37

Dark Symphonies Records`ilt jõudis kah pakk kohale:

TWELFTH OF NEVER (US) Things That Were CD 175.-
Skillfully crafting each song from a diverse array of influences, Twelfth of Never have created a masterpiece of dark, provocative music. "Things That Were" is truly a gift to lovers of heavenly voices enveloped within electic, emotive music.

Former Candlelight Records recording artist ELEGEION present their Dark Symphonies debut "THE LAST MOMENT". Transcending all existing oundaries of aestheticism, capturing the darkest of all emotions and delving through the forgotten recesses of the mind, "THE LAST MOMENT" takes the listener deeper into the band's unrelenting descent into the boundless pit of despair.
Kuula: The Last Moment

MORGION (US) - Cloaked by Ages, Crowned in Earth CD 175.-
Eight magnificent tracks, clocking in at over an hour, that begins right where "Solinari" left off and ends with a new musical beginning for the band. From the brilliant production to the diverse vocal performance, Morgion's musical evolution is complete! "Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth" is a crowning achievement of heavy, melodic music which ebbs and flows amongst beauty, darkness, and emotions. All the artwork and layout was created and executed by the band's own Gary Griffith.


AUTUMN TEARS (US) Winter and the Broken Angel... Love Poems For Dying Children act 3 CD 175.-
The third and final epic chapter in the Love Poems for Dying Children saga. A monumental epic of love, betrayal and death. This unique album promises the richest melodies and most tragic themes yet - all interpreted through a neoclassical ensemble of dark symphonic music, interwoven with ethereal, operatic voices and orchestral, grandiose atmospheres reflecting desperation and emptiness.

Ärge imestage et need Nailboard Records`i kataloogi hetkel ei jõua, sest me tegeleme hetkel usinasti uue süsteemi käivitamisega ja ma väga loodan et ma saan seda teile juba järgmine nädal tutvustada n

kell 15:21

Nu tere härrad ja provad! :)

Et, siis nüüd kui meie kevadine kataloog on Pläkiga mööda ilma laiali saadetud, siis oleme sunnitud avaldama ka oma netipoe aadressi ja see on järgmine: http://www.store.nailboard.org

Kuigi alla poole kaubast on hetkel sisse löödud peaksite te juba seal aimdust saama mähergune see leht välja nägema hakkab. Võie sealt kaudu juba tellimusi esitada ja küsida ka neid asju, mis olid küll meie kevadkataloogis aga lehele ei ole veel jõudnud.

Kui te meie poodi esimest korda külastate, siis lugege esmalt uudis läbi. Sealt alt leiate ka meie kevad kataloogi PDF`i, kus kogu meie kaup kenasti kõik kirjas on.

Egas muud kui kena surfamist ja ärge unustage ennast uudiskirja regamast ja mis kõige tähtsam Nailboard Records ei müü Vene litsentsplaate. Kõik plaadid meie kataloogis ja netipoes on originaalid!

kell 17:19


Tuletan siis meelde et jätkuvalt kehtivad järgmised Nailboard Records`i kevad kataloogis ära märgitud eripakkumised:

Ostes korraga "Koerapööriöö" CD ja Taaga t-särgi või "Koerapööriöö" CD ja Taaga naisteka on komplekti hinnaks 250 krooni.

Manatarga "Viimanegi Veri" digipak + "Crimson Hours" CD = 225 krooni.
(hind kehtib ettetellimisel ja ostu eest tasumisel enne 1. maid. Tellimuste kättetoimetamine alates 05.06.2006. Plaadid signeeritakse bändiliikmete poolt)

kell 16:44

Tehniline rike

Kirjade ümbersuunamisel teisele aadressile ajavahemikul 27. 04. 2006 - 10. 05 .2006 tekkis olukord, kus kõik eelmainitud ajavahemikul sooritatud tellimused ei jõudnud meieni. Seoses sellega palume kõigil ajavahemikul 27. 04. 2006 - 10. 05. 2006 Nailboard Recordsi netipoe lehel tellimuse sooritanud inimestel see toiming korrata või meile netipoest saadetud tellimusekinnitus edastada aadressile order@nailboard.org

Vabandame ebameeldivuste pärast

kell 18:46

Kellel veel NBS`i uus album soetamata, siis saab ta teha seda Nailboard Recordsi Netipoest

No-Big-Silence "War In Wonderland" Digipak CD 165.-

kell 15:27

Paar uuendust Nailboard Recordsi Netipoes:

Tegime elu lihtsamaks neile, kes tulevad meie lehele otsima just Eesti metalit või Balti metalit.
Ja meie niigi väga heade hindade juures avasime uue heade hindade rubriigi kust leiate hetkel 75 väga hea hinnaga plaati.
Hääd surfamist: http://www.store.nailboard.org/

kell 20:36

Nailboard Recordsi Netipood

Pidevalt uuenevat Nailboard Recordsi kataloogi saab nüüd reaalajas jälgida Nailboard Recordsi netipoe lehel http://www.store.nailboard.org. Soovitame end seal uudiskirja saajaks registreerida, sest uue kauba saabumisest anname teada ennekõike just selle kanali kaudu. Et registreerumine lõbusamalt kulgeks, mõtlesime ka väikese mängu välja. Lähemat teavet leiab netipoe lehel jaotises “Mängud”.

NB! Netipoe uudiskiri ei ole sama, mis Nailboardi plaadifirmal. Poe kiri on neile, kes tahavad teada saada uutest müügilesaabunud toodetest ja muust netipoes toimuvast.

kell 20:57

Ja et üldist pläma vähem oleks kuulutan siva välja ka ühe kiire ettetellimise. Nimelt kõik, kes on ennem 01.06.2006 ette tellinud ja ära maksnud Bathory uue box set`i saavad selle ülisoodsalt 650 krooniga. Kataloogi tuleb nimetatud junn orienteeruva hinnaga 750.-

Uurige ja järgi ja tellige: order@nailboard.org

3 CDs - 1 DVD - 1 BOOK 176 pages - 1 4c POSTER

Black Mark lubas et plaat on väljas 03.06.2006

kell 19:35

Tuletan veelkorra kõigile neile meelde, kes registreerimismängust osa võtta kavatsevad, et see ei ole tavapärane Nailboard Recordsi poe mäng ja sellest osavõtmiseks piisab ainult oma e-maili lisamisest uudiskirja saamiseks.

Registreeruda aga tasub, sest peatselt on tulemas suur hulk uut ja väga soodsa hinnaga kraami (Manowar, Judas Priest, VoiVod, Iron Maiden, Testament, Deep Purple jne.)

Nailboard Recordsi Netipood

kell 18:34

Ajame hevimehel kah kõvaks:

Uued 30.05.2006

WASP The Crimson Idol 2CD 125.-
WASP WASP digipak CD 99.- (siin on lisaks sinkku Animal Fuck Like the Beast, mida 2 CD variandil pole)
WASP The Last Command/WASP 2CD 125.-
WASP Inside The Electric Circus/The Headless Children 2CD 125.-
Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance CD 155.-
Judas Priest Turbo CD 155.-
Judas Priest Ram It Down CD 155.-
Judas Priest Killing Machine CD 155.-
Judas Priest Stained Class CD 155.-
Judas Priest Point of Entry CD 155.-
Judas Priest Sin After Sin CD 155.-
Judas Priest Unleashed In The East CD 155.-
Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith CD 155.-
Judas Priest Painkiller CD 155.-
Testament Souls of Black CD 155.-
Testament Practice What You Preach CD 155.-
Manowar Louder Than Hell CD 175.-
Manowar The Triumph Of Steel CD 175.-
Manowar Fighting The World CD 175.-
Manowar Kings Of Metal CD 175.-
Night In Gales Nailwork CD 99.-
Night In Gales Thunderbeast CD 99.-
Raunchy Confusion Bay Slipcase CD 125.-
Dio The Collection CD 99.-
Anthrax Return of the Killer A's CD 99.-
Iron Maiden Virtual XI CD 155.-
Iron Maiden The X Factor CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Edward The Great CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Dance Of Death CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Brave New World CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Real Live Dead One 2CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Live At Donington 2CD 155.-
Iron Maiden No Prayer For The Dying CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Fear Of the Dark CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Seventh Son Of The Seventh Son CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Life After Death 2CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Powerslave CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind CD 155.-
Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Killers CD 155.-
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden CD 155.-

Taas laos 30.05.2006
Blake Starbringer CD 69.-
Mannhai Spiritraiser CDS 9.-
Mannhai Rock To The Top CDS 9.-

kell 17:56

Uus kaup 31.05.2006
Ajattara Äpäre 175.-
Arise Godly Work Of Art 69.-
Arise Kings of the Cloned Generation 69.-
Cynicon Cybernetic 69.-
Demigod Shadow Mechanics 69.-
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Before The Bleeding Sun 175.-
Kalmah Black Waltz 175.-
Lullacry Crucify My Heart 175.-
Lullacry Alright Tonight CDS 9.-
Lullacry Stranger In You CDS 9.-
Shape Of Despair Shades Of... 175.-
Shape Of Despair Angels Of Distress 175.-
Shape Of Despair Illusion´s play 175.-
Shape Of Despair Shape of Despair 135.-
Sub-Urban Tribe Elekto 57 135.-
To Die For Little Deaths CDS 9.-
Various Artists Spinetingler 2 35.-
Various Artists Spinetingler 3 35.-
Various Artists Spikefarm Sampler 35.-
Various Artists Spikefarm Sampler Vol.2 35.-
Various Artists Truckin´ In The Free World 35.-

kell 21:00

Põhimõteliselt on selle plaadi ilmumise aeg (06.06.06) juba uksetaga ja seks lennutasin plaadi ka poodi üles. Kallid kliendid - võite hakkata tellima:

kell 21:00

Põhimõteliselt on selle plaadi ilmumise aeg (06.06.06) juba uksetaga ja seks lennutasin plaadi ka poodi üles. Kallid kliendid - võite hakkata tellima: http://www.store.nailboard.org

Nitrouse debüüdist käib siis jutt!!!

kell 19:49

Uus kaup 03.06.2006

Celtic Frost Monotheist CD 219.-
Celtic Frost Monotheist (Limited deluxe version) Digipak CD 295.-
Celtic Frost Monotheist 2LP 295.-
Urskumug Am Nodr CD 175.-
Symbolic State By Abstract Words CDR 100.-
Neglected Fields Splenetic CD 135.-
Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine CD 175.-
Exodus Fabulous Disaster CD 175.-
Lacuna Coil Karmacode CD 219.-
Sick Of It All Death To Tyrants CD 219.-
Shadows Fall The Art Of Touring DVD 219.-
Amorphis Far From The Sun CD 145.-
Black Sabbath Tyr CD 145.-
Deep Purple Burn-30th Anniversary CD 175.-
Deep Purple Deepest Purple CD 145.-
Deep Purple In Rock- 25th Anniversary CD 145.-
Deep Purple Who Do We Think We Are CD 145.-
Manowar Battle Hymns CD 145.-
Manowar Sign Of The Hammer CD 145.-
Megadeth Countdown To Extinctinction CD 145.-
Megadeth Cryptic Writings CD 145.-
Megadeth Peace Sells But Who´ Buying CD 145.-
Megadeth Rust In Peace CD 145.-
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What! CD 145.-
Megadeth (Md45)The Craving CD 145.-
Megadeth Youthanasia CD 145.-
Megadeth Greatest Hits-Standard Version CD 175.-
Mokoma Valu CD 145.-
Suburban Tribe Manimal CD 145.-
Suburban Tribe Suburban Tribe CD 145.-
Suburban Tribe Revolt Now! CD 255.-
Whitesnake 1987 CD 145.-
Whitesnake Slide It In CD 145.-
Whitesnake Slip Of The Tongue CD 145.-
Whitesnake Saints And Sinners CD 145.-

kell 00:08

Uus kaup 12.06.2006
AGENT STEEL Omega Conspiracy CD 155.-
ANATHEMA A Fine Day To Exit CD 175.-
BATHORY "In Memory Of Quorthon" 3CD+DVD Box-set 750.-
BEHEMOTH And The Forests Dream Eternally (Re-mastered) MCD 155.-
BEHEMOTH Demigod Digipak CD 215.-
BEHEMOTH Demigod LP 199.-
BEHEMOTH Grom (Re-mastered) CD 155.-
BEHEMOTH Slaves Shall Serve LP 199.-
BEHEMOTH Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) (Re-mastered) CD 155.-
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Secret Treaties (Expanded Edition) 99.-
CARPATHIAN FOREST Fuck You All!!! CD 199.-
DARK DOMINATION Rebellion 666 CD 135.-
HIM And Love Said No: Greatest Hits CD 175.-
IHSAHN The Adversary CD 199.-
JUDAS PRIEST Angel Of Retribution CD 175.-
KATATONIA Tonight´s Decision Digipak CD 199.-
KATATONIA Viva Emptiness Digipak CD 199.-
KEEP OF KALESSIN Through Times Of War CD 209.-
LOITS "Vere Kutse" DVD-R 175.-
LORDI The Arockalypse CD 239.-
LORDI The Monsterican Dream CD 175.-
METALLICA ...And Justice For All CD 199.-
METALLICA Garage Inc 2CD 295.-
METALLICA Kill´em All CD 199.-
METALLICA Master Of Puppets CD 199.-
METALLICA Metallica CD 199.-
METALLICA Reload CD 199.-
METALLICA Ride The Lightning CD 199.-
METALLICA St. Anger CD 199.-
METALLICA St. Anger CD+DVD 225.-
NAILBOARD MAGAZINE "#1" Magazine 40.-
NOKTURNAL MORTUM Old Warrior God LS XL 295.-
NOKTURNAL MORTUM Old Warrior God TS XL 225.-
OPETH Blackwater Park CD 175.-
OPETH Damnation CD 175.-
OPETH Deliverance CD 175.-
OSBOURNE OZZY The Essential 2CD 209.-
SATYRICON Ten Horns - Ten Diadems Best Of CD 225.-
SEVERE TORTURE Feasting On Blood Digipak CD 150.-
SEVERE TORTURE Misanthropic Carnage CD 150.-
SPIRIT CARAVAN The Last Embrace Compilation 2CD 225.-
SUB-URBAN TRIBE Panorama CD 99.-
SUB-URBAN TRIBE Primitive CD 99.-
SYSTEM OF A DOWN Hypnotize CD 239.-
SYSTEM OF A DOWN Mezmerize CD 239.-
SYSTEM OF A DOWN Steal This Album CD 175.-
SYSTEM OF A DOWN System Of A Down CD 175.-
SYSTEM OF A DOWN Toxicity CD 175.-
ZYKLON Aeon LP 185.-
ZYKLON Disintegrate CD 199.-
ZYKLON Disintegrate LP 185.-
TOOL 10.000 Days CD 239.-
TOOL Aenima CD 239.-
TOOL Lateralus (Row) CD 239.-
TOOL Undertow CD 239.-
TORTURE KILLER For Maggots To Devour CD 99.-
VENOM Eine Kleine Nachtmusik CD 115.-
WITCHCRAFT Firewood LP 275.-
VOIVOD Killing Technology LP 230.-
VREID Pitch Black Brigad CD 199.-

kell 12:28

Uus kaup 13.06.2006

Manitou "Deadlock" CD 175.-
Funeral "Tragedies | Tristesse" 2CD 199.-
Scent Of Flesh "Become Malignity" MCD 125.-
Velvetcut "Thirteen" CD 175.-
Shamrain "Deeper Into The Night" MCD 125.-

kell 18:40

Uus kaup 15.06.2006
Saint Vitus Mournful Cries CD 215.-
Saint Vitus Born Too Late CD 215.-
Enslaved Ruun CD 199.-
Enslaved Isa CD 199.-
Darkthrone Preparing For War Digipak CD 199.-
Dark Funeral / Infernal Under Wings Of Hell Split CD 145.-
Dark Funeral In The Sign... MCD 145.-
Bathory The Goat TS 250.-
Mayhem Chimera TS 250.-
Bathory Hammerheart TS 250.-
Bathory Hammerheart LS 295.-

kell 14:50

Uus kaup 16.06.2006
BOLT THROWER In Battle There Is No Law CD 199.-
CALIBAN A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven CD 155.-
CALIBAN Vent CD 155.-
COUNT RAVEN Storm Warning CD 235.-
COUNT RAVEN Destruction Of The Void CD 235.-
COUNT RAVEN High On Infinity CD 235.-
COUNT RAVEN Messiah Of Confusion CD 235.-
DARKTHRONE The Cult Is Alive CD BOX SET 299.-
ELECTRIC WIZARD Pre Electric Wizard 1989-1994 DIGIPAK 199.-
GATHERING, THE Downfall: The Early Years CD 99.-
GATHERING, THE Black Light District CD 155.-
GATHERING, THE Always CD 185.-
GATHERING, THE Almost A Dance CD 185.-
GRAND MAGUS Monument CD 199.-
GRAND MAGUS Wolf´s Return CD 199.-
MINISTRY Rio Grande Blood CD 199.-
MY DYING BRIDE As The Flower Withers DIGIPAK 199.-
ORANGE GOBLIN Time Travelling Blues + Frequencies From Planet 10 2CD 215.-

kell 17:09

Kaks väga eksklusiivset ja limiteeritud Eesti asja:

Metsatöll "Sutekstäija" CDEP 75 EEK
Must Missa "Pure Hate" 7" EP 75 EEK

kell 14:55

vähe naljakas. . . et see asi isegi myspace'is olemas on. ma olin veidi üllatunud. . .

kell 13:06

vähe naljakas. . . et see asi isegi myspace is olemas on. ma olin veidi üllatunud. . .

Myspace lehel on ennast reganud suur hulk suuremaid ja väiksemaid metal plaadifirmasi. Alates Nuclear Blastist ja Century Mediast kuni kõige tibatillukestemateni välja. Üsna vilgas suhtlemine käib hetkel selle lehe kaudu ja ka meie oleme sealt üsna palju kontakte saanud.

kell 01:28

Herald "Hevilihas / Heavy Metal Rules" CDR-S 125 EEK

Eesti hevi lipulaev on saanud uue hingamise. Neist võib veel asjagi saada n

Aega läks aga asja sai. Pakk Serbiast jõudis kohale. Natuke eksootikat siis:

Psychoparadox "Through The Labyrinths Of Sleeping Galaxy (Re-Issue)" CD 175 EEK
Atmo death, 2nd album (re-release) in the style of CYNIC and ATHEIST.

Psychoparadox "Reapeiron (Re-Issue)" CD 175 EEK
3rd and the best album and one of our best-selling CDs (3rd pressing).
Re-release + bonus. Great progressive death metal.

Psychoparadox "...And Your Life Is Just Another Dream (Re-Issue)" CD 175 EEK
Technical death metal, 1st album from 1996 (re-release). Members of
Psychoparadox also play in ALOGIA, one of the most promissing prog metal
band in Europe (their 2nd album is just released for Spanish Locomotive

May Result "Svetogrdje (The Blasphemy)" CD 175 EEK
NEW album (Dec. 2004) can be described as "metal of black Death". A real
72-minutes long masterpiece of sophisticated black metal with rich
arrangements and inovative riffs.

The Stone liikmete bänd. Üks vanemaid ja tuntumaid BM bände Serbiast. Kvaliteetne slaavi kraam.

Interfector "The Force Within" CD 175 EEK
Bosnian metal - sounds exotic, isn't it? Great mixture of black, folk and
thrash metal.

Puhas eksootika!!! :)

Draconic "Conflux" CD 175 EEK
Progressive modern black metal with female vocals and keys for the fans of

Heller "Heller" CD 175 EEK
Legendary thrash band from 80s. Their LP are collectors item. If you don't
want to spend 200 EUR or more for LP, take this CD for realy cool price. For
all fans of DESTRUCTION and early KREATOR. Last copies

Jällegi midagi eksootikaküttidele. Kui vanem kraam on 80-nendate trääz, siis uuem materjal on üsna põneva lähenemisega asjale..

Brujeria "Mextremist Hits" Best Of CD 175 EEK
Legendary death grind terrorists, Best of album + 5 videos, licensed version
for ex-Yugoslavia and Albania. very rare, so... grab it! Last copies.

Kindlasti midagi Brujeria kogujatele või lihtsalt fännidele. On küll mõeldud ainult ex-Jugo aladele aga mõned koopiad jõudsid ka siia.

Assignment "Progressive Changes" CD 175 EEK
Conceptual progressive metal saga feat. KINGDOM COME and GB ARTS members,
mastered by M. Schwabe PARADISE LOST, SCORPIONS...). Artwork by Juha Vuorma

Täesti kvaliteetne progre asi. Julen vabalt kõigile progre fännidele soovitada!!!

Paa plaati ka Dark Symphonies nimeliselt plaadifirmalt:

Maudlin Of The Well "Leaving Your Body Map (Re-Issue)" CD 175 EEK
Maudlin Of The Well "Bath (Re-Issue)"CD 175 EEK
Originally released in the summer of 2001, "Bath" and "Leaving Your Body Map" were presented simultaneously to the world as companion pieces to present the band's vision of what they dubbed "astral metal." Bold and daring in scope, these two releases amounted to nothing less than a conceptual journey of astral dimensions as it transported the listener into the infinite depths of the human imagination. Believing a higher consciousness can be achieved through music, motW skillfuly employed a vast array of instrumentation and vocalization to explore the macrocosmic world of our thoughts and dreams. From delicate guitar harmonics to monsterous walls of sound, motW evoked all the relevant emotions from each of its influences: death metal's rage, gothic doom's melancholy, classical's joy, atmospheric music's psychedelia, folk's reflective tranquility, jazz's excitement and rock's glee. Maudlin of the Well also incorporated autophysiopsychic music techniques into the compositonal structure and sequence of each song making "Bath" and "Leaving Your Body Map" a truly out-of-body listening experience. Majestically crafted and executed with precision, "Bath" and "Leaving Your Body Map" are a stunning achievement of progressive, extreme music! The re-issue versions include five bonus tracks selected by the band as well as extensive liner notes written by Toby Driver, the mastermind behind Maudlin Of The Well! The repressing for each cd will be limited to 1,000 copies world-wide!
Väga huvitav lahendus segada erinevaid stiile. Puhas nauding nagu enamus Dark Symphonies plaadifirma väljaandeid

Hellveto "Zmierzch" CD 175 EEK
HELLVETO unleash their most epic work to date with their Dark Symphonies debut entitled ZMIERZCH. Translated literally to mean "dusk," Zmierzch takes the listener back to those forgotten times when the ancient beliefs were forged by the fires of the true Pagan spirits. HELLVETO is the artistic expression of one enigmatic figure L.O.N. who has skillfully executed all the music and designed the spectacular artwork and layout for Zmierzch. For those uninitiated with the sound of HELLVETO, take the epic keyboard sounds of Summoning and folk sensibilities of early Vintersorg and blend it within the melodic splendor and power of Emperor and Limbonic Art, and one begins to approach the grim and glorious grandeur that is HELLVETO! The first 1,000 copies will included a limited edition foldout 4 panel poster insert designed by L.O.N. 10 brand new tracks with over 50 minutes of True Pagan Black Metal Music!
Autumn Tears "Eclipse" CD 175 EEK

Autumn Tears "Eclipse" CD 175 EEK
After four long years of silence, AUTUMN TEARS return with their most epic, conceptual, and fullest neoclassical piece of music they have ever offered. Lush strings, acoustic guitars, and woodwinds accompany soaring orchestral soundscapes, painting the backdrop for a staggering array of vocal performances that range from operatic and classical solos to Baltic choral passages and duets. "Eclipse" features Erika's angelic voice in her final performance with the band, as well as the talents of Terran Olson (ex-maudlin of the Well, Kayo Dot) performing live clarinet and flutes, Greg Ball (ex- Long Winters Stare, Sound of Enoch) performing upright contrabass and classical guitar, and Laurie Ann Haus (Ex-Rain Fell Within, Ephemeral Sun) performing lead and backing vocals. This is the jewel case version!