Promoe (Looptroop Rockers)
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Lege Rootsi räppari Promoe (Looptroop Rockers) uus video ja album

Foto: Isak Ohlander
Reedel, 26. aprillil avaldas Promoe uue albumi “The Art of Losing”. Promoe on lege Rootsi räppar, kes on kohalikule hiphopi sõbrale tuttav Looptroop Rockersist. Uue albumiga ilmus ka värske video loole “Dawgmatics”. Leibeliks on David vs Goliath Records, kus on leidnud kodu nii Looptroop Rockers, Promoe, Embee kui The Casual Brothers.

Ehkki Promoe põhiaur läheb tänapäeval õigusõpingutele ning stuudios jauramise aega on oluliselt vähemaks jäänud, siis on mehel tootlus siiski hea. Suvevaheajal kodulinnas Västeråsis (inglise keeles Westeros, täpselt nagu Game of Thrones, eksole) lasi loomingul voolata ning salvestas ühe hooga koos Isak’sSon’iga (Looptroop Rockersist tuntud Cosmicu produtsendi alter ego) lausa kaks albumit. Ühe rootsikeelse, mille avaldamine on plaanitud aasta lõppu, ning inglisekeelse “The Art of Losing”.

“Dawgmatics” on plaadi teine singel. Isak’sSon seletab, et lugu haarab inspiratsiooni 90ndate alguse jungle paladest: “Oleme alati armastanud raggaet ja dancehalli, kuid jungle energias on midagi, mis on nii kompromissitu ja toores.” Promoe kommentaari sõnade osas jätame paari sõnamängu arusaadavuse tõttu tõlkimata: “This reflects the contradiction of our work ethic! On the one hand, we’re working dogmatically, systematically and without beginning or end. On the other hand, we are lazy dawgs playfully playing music.”

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Pikemalt Promoe oma sõnadega albumist:

“My whole life I've been told, and I've told myself, that anything I want I can get if I just work hard enough for it. This has been my motto while bulldozing through a music industry that's always been on different frequency from me, and therefore (or despite that) I succeeded to reach the people that needed to hear my music. This last year I've come to understanding that this motto doesn't work for everything in life. I reached a point in my relationship where it didn't matter how hard I worked, I still couldn't save it because it wasn't up to me alone. As tragic as it was, it still would've been even more tragic if I didn't learn something from it. "So I practice the art of losing." Life is about winning and losing, and your losses may many times be more important, because they make you grow. They make you you.

Parallel to this I've both lost and gained a lot when it comes to music. I wanted to start studying again after 20 years, and I wanted to do it on the side of making music the same way I have during the same 20 years. I went to law school and soon noticed that there weren't hours enough on the day to combine the two. So I put the pen to rest for the first time since I picked it up basically. I literally wrote lyrics everyday until now. This transition has affected me deeper than I thought it would. It made me question the identity I took for granted, and took pride in, for so long; that of a musician. Or more precisely, of a rapper. The one constantly at the centre, craving attention, because what I had to say was so important.

This album is about trying to find humbleness, and growth through hard times. It's also about the joy of being productive again. This last summer, me and Isak'sSon (aka CosMIC from Looptroop Rockers) recorded two whole albums in a feverish creativity rush. This first one, The Art of Losing, is in English and the second one, in Swedish, will be released later this year. I had it all stored up I guess, and when the pressure of prestige was released it just came out naturally.”