Poets Asylum

28-04-2019 | Lisas: chicayeyef

Poets Asylum is an Estonian-Mexican groove-metal band based in Tallinn city which started in 2017. Poets Asylum sound includes strong female growl-extreme and clean vocals. Its fresh sound concentrates well elements of Death, Groove and Metalcore.
The band started a few years ago with the original members: Dima, Kaspar, Vlad , Kaido and Misha in the vocals. On those days, Poets Asylum was doing hard rock. Then there was a change in the genre and the creativity among the members and the new keywords were: groove metal/metalcore/death core. With these changes, in 2018, Vlad (guitar) and Misha left the band. Stephanie took over the vocals, and Alex took the guitar spot left. Later in spring of 2019, Kaido (drums) left the band and Markus became the new drummer.


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