13-05-2014 | Lisas: lightone

Mix of new-jazz, fusion, electronic sound and ethnic style from Estonia.
"Triophonix" is a very fascinating kind of jazz, ethnic instruments and DJ are playing together. The band plays only original compositions made by the band members. During live performances the major part of music "is born" on the stage, thanks to the improvised conception of playing.
During the official program of Tallinn2011 European Capital of Culture "Triophonix" was one of the authors, creators and active members of audio-visual project ALICE (the premiere was on June 14th in Russian Theatre of Estonia;
Each member of the band is an active musician and participates in many music projects and also in different kinds of theatre and other project. All of them are constantly learning, searching, experimenting, improvising and improving their musical skills.
Released albums:
2009 "Seventh Night".
2011 "LIGHTONE" on CD.
2014 – LP album OST animated film "FLOWERMAN"


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kell 23:18 Animated film with TRIOPHONIX music