Founded in 1999, is the most significant local music magazine which has become a leader in the field, considering both visitor numbers and reputation. In 2015, at the Estonian Music Industry Awards, held for the first time ever, we were awarded as "Media Channel of the Year". We were named among the three best in the following years, next to the largest national and largest private TV channels in Estonia, and we were awarded again in 2018.

Our online community consists of event organisers, artists, reporters, and of course, the fans. We are one of the leading sources in regards to music and due to comprehensive coverage of concerts and festivals, including both international and local acts, we are often referred to as the central hub for Estonian music life.

We are the only local music magazine with an international scope and presence to support Estonian music exports and to improve access to local audiences for international talent. For example, we have been an official media partner for EU initiative Central Eastern European Talent Exchange Programme and in recent years, we have been contributing to the creation of a network of media and music companies in Eastern Europe. Regarding international communication and activities, it can also be pointed out that has been one of the most important partners in the launch and development of the talent festival Tallinn Music Week. runs as a NGO and is based on a volunteer work.

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